The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — The Bean Field

We’ve been helping Mom cut corn in the pinto bean field.  She takes the cut corn stalks down to Misty’s to feed the goats…sometimes we go down on the four-wheeler with a load of corn, other times the corn is loaded in the back of the pick-up and hauled to the goats.


Once we get to the goats Hank Puff comes back with us.  Hank LOVES riding in the back of the truck!  So do Fuzzy and I.

We all just LOVE TO GO anywhere at any time!

The days have been really hot and muggy, but we still go out and help.


Dad helps us also…we go out early in the morning for a few hours. Then we all go back out around 7 in the evening.  Fuzzy and I hang out and wait for them…Fuzzy stays in the shade by the four-wheeler and I wait by looking around and smelling what I can smell.

A couple of evenings the grand kids, their Dad and our Sister Misty came out and helped. Our other sister, Shannon did too.  Things went faster that way.   Hank came along to help me check out things.


Last night Mom and Dad and Fuzzy and I were all out in the field—the clouds were nice and fluffy when we went out


Then a storm blew in


The folks talked about heading in, but there was always just one more row to finish


So we stayed

It was awesome!

Storms here and there all around us!

Then suddenly we saw it —-


A beautiful rainbow


From one end of the field to the other end


Complete with the middle!


Mom and Dad kept on working until almost dark then they went and changed the water

As we were coming in I realized



No more corn!

Dad said, “It looks real nice, doesn’t it?”

Fuzzy and I barked yes and I whapped my tail on the ground.  Fuzzy tried to wags his but he only has a little stump.

WE DID IT!  Mom, told us “Thanks, boys!  Everyone did a good job.”


Farmer Dog,




19 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — The Bean Field

  1. Great pictures and I enjoy the writing,also. We live above Cedaredge and our pictures have a different angle to them. We did see the rainbow! Susan

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Our people are so lucky to have us! We are such good help. I’ve helped with the hay and it’s all done!
    That is a very pretty sky, but I would worry about how much noise it might make. I hate when the sky is noisy!
    Mom says we have to do yard work now that we are done in the hay field and then we have to start on some fence! The fence should be fun. Its right along the edge of a slew and the edge of the rim. All kinds of good stuff for me to check out while I keep an eye on Mom!
    You guys stay cool! It’s cooling to ride on the ATV!
    The Gus


  3. Oh Boomer, You are such a great help to Mom and Dad… Glad you used your influence to keep the rains away while everyone worked in the fields.. Love the rainbow!!!! Wow–gorgeous!!!! The Pinto Bean field looks awesome…


  4. gonna try that again. for some reason, my comment wouldn’t post.

    i smiled as soon as your header loaded. then i smiled all the way through this post. then again at the end. 🙂


  5. This was a great post (they all are but I really liked this one today) and your pictures are Outstanding!! Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!


  6. Loved the double rainbows. A beautiful view of the mountains. You sure have good 4 legged helpers.
    Most non farmers think a farmer or rancher property or animals are there for the taking. They would not like it if you went to their home and took whatever you wanted,or flowers in their yard. Course most of those folks that steal may not have anything worth taking anyway.Just like the incident couple weeks ago a national geographic person and a fella flew over a feed lot of cattle to take pictures. They did not get permission to land on the property or fly over. They could not understand the ranchers concern. he charged them with trespassing and harm to his cattle. The owner was concerned about a possible chemical or some other harm from the air to his cattle.Not sure the last word on that,but they were in jail for awhile. That was in western Kansas. Field of beans look good. You are really great farmers.Takes a lot of work and long hours. So far the corn here looks good. Last year at this time it was all dried up,but have had more rain this spring and this last week had 2 inches of rain. Boy it was so good to have it. better quit Sharon Drake, South central Kansas, July 20, 2013


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