The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — The Liv’n is Easy

Mom and Dad have been really busy almost to the point of … way too busy.  But life for Boom and I has been EASY!

There isn’t a thing about every day that we don’t like even the heat isn’t bad, we just lay in the shade or lay under the pick-up or go inside and lay around in the cooler air.

  • There are squirrels to chaseAnother-Squirrel
  • Little girls to followLittle-girl here and thereSmile
  • And hay to help withSecond-Cutting
  • where Boomer and I help Mom fork the ends on the hay Forking-Hay

Dad is waiting right now for the dew to start leaving so he can go bale.  Then Mom and Boomer and I (oh, yes I forgot—Bella-BooBella and

ZookieZooker are spending the week with us so they will also go help) will go up and help Dad load hay.


Yep, the everyday I sing to myself—It’s Summer time and the Liv’n is Easy.



17 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — The Liv’n is Easy

  1. Fuzzy, if you like chasing squirrels you’re welcome to come visit us. We have many which we would be happy for you to chase away. I’m glad you’re enjoying the summer living,


  2. Yep – liv’n is easy for the girls here also. They hang out in the backyard under the shade trees. We don’t take them with us when we move the heifers or ride. Its too hot for them to keep up. Unless we are along the creek. 🙂 But, with the cheat grass and such, they get crap in there ears. Then they have to get drops in them. They don’t really like that. So yep, best they all stay home. And they seem to appreciate it. 🙂


  3. What a life, Fuzzy…. You seem to be in charge of the family—making sure they all do their jobs!!!!! That’s a huge job for you I’m sure—so I’m glad you have a good spot up high to make sure you are “IN CHARGE”…..

    Have a great weekend.


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