The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— by Mindy, Company!!! Friday, November 29, 2019

Hello!  It’s Me, Mindy-Lou, Min-Min, Kit-Cat Brown.  Today is MY day to visit with you!

MY HEAVENS!!! What a week this has been!


And Zookie

Came to live with us for several days.

Bella is the same size as ME!

And Zookie is smaller than I AM!!!

Then Loki showed up

And Houston!  They stayed with my sister, but they came over here lots!

Mom had to take lots of walks WITH the dogs, because the little, tiny dogs need fresh air and to ‘do their business’.

And the really BAD thing is THEY SLEPT on MY BED!!!

But I got along with everyone just fine.  They are gone home now…and I am back on MY bed!


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — The Liv’n is Easy

Mom and Dad have been really busy almost to the point of … way too busy.  But life for Boom and I has been EASY!

There isn’t a thing about every day that we don’t like even the heat isn’t bad, we just lay in the shade or lay under the pick-up or go inside and lay around in the cooler air.

  • There are squirrels to chaseAnother-Squirrel
  • Little girls to followLittle-girl here and thereSmile
  • And hay to help withSecond-Cutting
  • where Boomer and I help Mom fork the ends on the hay Forking-Hay

Dad is waiting right now for the dew to start leaving so he can go bale.  Then Mom and Boomer and I (oh, yes I forgot—Bella-BooBella and

ZookieZooker are spending the week with us so they will also go help) will go up and help Dad load hay.


Yep, the everyday I sing to myself—It’s Summer time and the Liv’n is Easy.


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Day Care

Fuzzy and I have started a Day Care. Well, really I have.  Not by choice! But by necessity! We had to figure out what to do with these little cousins that are spending ten days and ten nights with us!

What a job!

These are HOUSE DOGS!!!!



(This is Bella)

I guess from their size you can see why.


(This is Zooker)

BabysittingFuzzy told Mom, “NO WAY! I’ll back up Boomer, if he gets in trouble, but other than that I just sit in my dog house or go on walks with all of you and watch what happens.”

But I love Mom, so I said I would.


(Zooker had to have a belly band…the boy dog thing -you understand)

Day-careIt hasn’t been so bad—Zooker sleeps with me, when I’m in the house, and when they are outside Zookie goes wherever I go.

Come-on-Bella-FOXSo does Bells, BUT

Bella….now Bella is a whole other story…Bella has to be on a leash because…BECAUSE SHE RUNS OFF!

Boy can she run fast!!!

Took Mom 30 minutes to catch her one day….Bella would run a short ways, stop, wait for Mom to get there, run off really fast…Mom was NOT a happy camper when Bella finally LET Mom catch her.

So now Bella lives on a long rope when she is outside.

We go for lots and lots of walks, because Bella is so HIGH ENERGY…makes even me tired.  Bella seems to always be in motion.

When she crashes she likes to crash on Mom.

When Zooker crashes he likes to lay on Dad if he can’t lay on me.



Sam the cat, and

Actually-outsideMonkey the cat, all think I’m messed up.  But, I love Mom and Dad and so I head up the Day Care for teeny bitty little house dogs! (While Fuzzy guards the place)

Mom is outside all the time now.  The rule is—if Mom is outside we ALL have to be outside, even MONKEY…tee hee.  (Who never wants to be outside.)

“Fresh air is good for you,” Mom says as she brings Monkey out the door with her.

Mom has also moved Fuzz and me outside at night.


Because of Freddy the Fox!


Freddy is getting way to close to the hen house.  Yes, the hens are locked up at night, and they have a top on their pen, but Foxes are very clever.


Now Fuzzy and I have another job….keep the fox out of the yard!


We take this very seriously!  It’s a job Fuzzy says he likes and what he was born for…he says I can be a babysitter if I want, but HE is a GUARD Dog and is going to stay that way.


Mom says…4.5 more days to go….Bella and Zookie say:  “But we really like it HERE!”

I tell them they will be really happy to see their Dad again and do all the stuff they get to do with their Dad.

Zookie looks at me with tender love in his eyes and then sighs a great deal and tells me he WILL be glad when Dad gets home.

Bella?  Well, Bella says she will enjoy having Dad back, but being here has


I guess I run and pretty good Day Care.



Dog Days of Summer

Fuzzy still like to run beside the four-wheeler as we move about doing chores.  I think that is pretty good for a twelve year old dog.  Although he does have some days when he is just too tired to go.  On those days I give him some baby asprin and let him rest.  Other times I take him anyway and let him ride behind me, which he loves (!), by the way.

I’m really glad we still have him.

Tallen is delighted that Zooker is back home.  I think she would just keep him if Uncle Evan would let her.

Zooker and his summer hair cut

The cats are bigger than this dog!  He knows he is small tiny and very careful to keep out of everyone’s way.

It’s hard to get a photo of Bella, she is NEVER, I mean N.E.V.E.R. still, EVER!  What a high energy dog. 

Lightening started a fire somewhere on the Plateau.  Not good, but it does make for a dramatic sunset.

Not much happening here, work, work and more work.  Second cutting of hay is started today.  That’s really good as the first cutting has all been sold and we still have standing orders for the second and third cutting.  Terry was saying he has to be careful and be sure and keep some for us.

The corn is growing rapidily.  If you stop and listen you can hear the pops and snaps as it grows.  I think that corn is possibly the only living thing of which you can not only see growth, but hear it happening as well. 

Mountain Fresh sweet corn will start picking thier sweet corn this weekend, with Olathe Sweet sweet corn starting Monday.  Watch for it to hit a grocery store near you.  When you find some know that it came from our area of the world! 🙂

Once the second cutting of hay happens I know we are half way through summer.  I guess I had better not be sad, but glad there is still more to come. I love summer!  But then again I like spring and fall also.