Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Corn-drying-downWe got the corn combine ready to go!!  Although, the wood stove down at Shannon’s is going to take a little more time. We really need to have it done by Thursday as our temperatures are expected to drop 20*. We are on the rapid decline toward winter. (SHUDDER)


Most days now, just before time to fix supper, Terry the dogs and I head out and check the fences.  Our neighbors will be bringing in their cows once the corn is off and we don’t want to be fixing fence AFTER the cows figure out how to get over onto our place. 🙂  Although I love cows it is better when they stay with their own people. 🙂


I’m always surprised at the morning frost, but everything seems to come out of it.  The only things hurt right now are the pinto beans, squash and pumpkin plants and other extremely delicate growing things.

So far my tropical plant are doing fine, but I expect them to not make it through Thursday and Friday nights.


Shannon’s two turkey’s have finally made it through their molt–beautiful looking birds.  These boys will never be anyone’s dinner, but enjoy living out their lives in royal comfort.

Today Terry has a hay customer, then we are off to help Shannon haul wood.  After that we will continue work on her fireplace.  Nothing heats like a nice wood stove!  We won’t get done today, but maybe by Thursday.  (We really hope we can  be done by Thursday… the cold is settling in — oh, I’m starting to sound like a broken record.)

But today…today it is still Summer 83* today.  I will relish every moment of it!

Your friend on a California Mesa farm,





13 thoughts on “Tuesday, October 1, 2013

  1. The turkeys are beautiful and are a handsome addition to your farm. I want some and some guineas but must wait until I can retire to take care of them myself. Thanks again so much for the seeds which arrived yesterday. We had a fire Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights but small, just enough to take the damp chill off the house. Eddie and Heather our daughter are probably bringing in more firewood today and moving the cattle. We have four more fall calves to arrive and it’s been a chore keeping the coyotes at bay while the moms birth, clean up and feed the newborns. I dispise those predators!!


  2. it is getting very cold here..suddenly summer is gone and the cold is here..12* today , what’s that 40-50 but whatever I am sitting here with plenty of layers of clothing, carpets are back down, bed socks on at night…still not cold enough to light the wood burner , have heating, or electric blankets but getting that way.
    Stay warm and busy xxxx


  3. I heard some sad news that wood stoves are being phased out for “environmental concerns.” I’d bet that people who use wood stoves don’t have 1% the impact that the people who are phasing them out have. It’s sad when policy for all of us is determined by morons.


  4. The Indian Summer I was hoping for doesn’t seem to be here! We are 20* below normal for day time temps! ACK! I HATE when our cows get out. It isn’t often they do. I am so apologetic to them. Make sure they have food, water and a fence and they should stay in. 🙂 I hope when the corn comes off the neighbors field, we can put some cows on there. They love rummaging around looking for goodies!


  5. I’m happy to say we haven’t had any frost here yet. It feels as if Summer has made a return, but things may cool off over the weekend. My Beautiful Bride is looking forward to some fires in the fireplace. Your corn really looks good — I’m glad the combine is ready to go.


  6. the frost photo is stunning, I don’t normally get frost on the allotment until late October, and only fleetingly, but I’m starting to pick the pumpkins and beans now too. Lovely to see the corn growing/drying


  7. Good luck with fences! I will be summer temps here for awhile longer but nights dip to mid 30’s and 40’s I cover my blooms and spider plants still not ready to wash them of bugs and haul them in.

    Enjoy the warmth as well 20’s would mean hard frost a killer here and then lots of work to trim all dead things back and right now I hurt too bad to attempt that 🙂

    Nice looking birds we only have 90 wild ones here daily looking for handouts but they fertilize and DE-bug the place “)


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