The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Fall Storm

A-sleepThe day started like this…Boom was resting and resting and resting.  But Mom came out and started putting all the lawn furniture away…off we trotted to the old unused grain bin…first Boomer’s favorite bed, then his second favorite bed, then Dad’s favorite chair…after that all the tables and the benches.  Back and forth Boomer and I went with Mom.  We are very good helpers!!


Then when Dad and Mom went off to finish Shannon’s fireplace


the wind started up…it blew me this way and that!  That is one thing about wind I really don’t like my fur going here and there and everywhere!

Gradually the day started to end as the wind got worse and worse.

Boomer and I decided we were NOT spending the night in the dog houses….no sire!  Not tonight!


Because the wind and the rain and the ice were bad all night!!!

We woke up to a very cold morning!  Mom started a fire in the fireplace; we all toasted until I just got too hot and HAD to go outside!!!

Mom wonders if  the snow and ice  have finished off the apple harvest.  Mom says she hopes not.


Anyway …


Boomer and have stuff to do, we are off (he is that dot in the weeds) to check out how the farm and our wild friends did last night in that bad storm.  As you can see we are just cold here, the rain didn’t really wet anything down, just turned to ice.  As the sun has come up it melted.


“I’ll take it!” bayed Boomer.  “Give me sun any day!”


Me too…that was enough for a while!



Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Corn-drying-downWe got the corn combine ready to go!!  Although, the wood stove down at Shannon’s is going to take a little more time. We really need to have it done by Thursday as our temperatures are expected to drop 20*. We are on the rapid decline toward winter. (SHUDDER)


Most days now, just before time to fix supper, Terry the dogs and I head out and check the fences.  Our neighbors will be bringing in their cows once the corn is off and we don’t want to be fixing fence AFTER the cows figure out how to get over onto our place. 🙂  Although I love cows it is better when they stay with their own people. 🙂


I’m always surprised at the morning frost, but everything seems to come out of it.  The only things hurt right now are the pinto beans, squash and pumpkin plants and other extremely delicate growing things.

So far my tropical plant are doing fine, but I expect them to not make it through Thursday and Friday nights.


Shannon’s two turkey’s have finally made it through their molt–beautiful looking birds.  These boys will never be anyone’s dinner, but enjoy living out their lives in royal comfort.

Today Terry has a hay customer, then we are off to help Shannon haul wood.  After that we will continue work on her fireplace.  Nothing heats like a nice wood stove!  We won’t get done today, but maybe by Thursday.  (We really hope we can  be done by Thursday… the cold is settling in — oh, I’m starting to sound like a broken record.)

But today…today it is still Summer 83* today.  I will relish every moment of it!

Your friend on a California Mesa farm,