There is Always One —- Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Terry and I were oiling the top of the snowmachine trailer

when I happened to look over by the canal and saw a cow meandering happily down the fence in the other field!

Terry took off down the long lane and shut the gate to our road, and opened the gate between our place and the other place.

Being a young cow— first-year heifer—she thought about throwing a wee fit, but also being very pregnant she decided running with a huge weight in her middle was just not going to happen she walked down the long lane until she got to our yard.

Then deciding NO ONE WAS GOING TO TELL HER WHAT TO DO….she crossed the dry canal, ran onto my lawn, ran to the corner of the yard and neatly jumped the electric fence, not even touching a hoof to the wire.

Next step for us was to find out where she jumped out and fix the fence there.

Our neighbors, next door, are big farmers and just finishing up the last of their corn.

Boomer and I helped.

Later we all took a small walk as the sun went down.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




Warmth Waiting to Happen—-Wednesday, December 5, 2018

We got the call from the rancher the cows would come in today.  Off Terry and I went to check all the fences one last time, check the fence around the other house, and the electric fence at the horse corral.  After a wind sometimes big weeds get into the electric fences and cause them to short out.

It’s been a spell ( a whole year) since these cows have been here; they will be wound up and very excited searching out their new pastures…

Having the cows run through a non-working electric fence would NOT be a good thing.

After lunch, we warmed ourselves up

Splitting some firewood for the house…warmth in splitting the wood; warmth in the fireplace.

Then, as the long dark shadows started showing in the sky we headed in…satisfied everything was good to go for the house, the cows, and the farm.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Feather-Light Brushes of Daily Life—November 13, 2017

Sunlight and shadow fill the late autumn skies

The days are still soft, warm enough I can let the wood stove go out by three o’clock and the house stays warm until early morning the next day. That winter-cold which slowly seeps into the land is late coming this year.

The relief at not having to fill the grain bins, then unload the grain bins has been palpable.  There is always loss at putting the corn in the bin, taking the corn out and the amount of labor eats up any profit. (although WE are the labor)

 The days are now filled with fixing fences, or checking fences, or making sure the fences are still up….

Sadly this is hunting season…and always, always we have people who cross over the posted fences to go hunting on our land.  If they can’t climb the fence, they WILL cut the fence.

It’s rather disgusting the wanton destruction of property. Sigh!

But, oh well, that is just part of living on our farm. All a person can do is take it in stride–

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,







Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Corn-drying-downWe got the corn combine ready to go!!  Although, the wood stove down at Shannon’s is going to take a little more time. We really need to have it done by Thursday as our temperatures are expected to drop 20*. We are on the rapid decline toward winter. (SHUDDER)


Most days now, just before time to fix supper, Terry the dogs and I head out and check the fences.  Our neighbors will be bringing in their cows once the corn is off and we don’t want to be fixing fence AFTER the cows figure out how to get over onto our place. 🙂  Although I love cows it is better when they stay with their own people. 🙂


I’m always surprised at the morning frost, but everything seems to come out of it.  The only things hurt right now are the pinto beans, squash and pumpkin plants and other extremely delicate growing things.

So far my tropical plant are doing fine, but I expect them to not make it through Thursday and Friday nights.


Shannon’s two turkey’s have finally made it through their molt–beautiful looking birds.  These boys will never be anyone’s dinner, but enjoy living out their lives in royal comfort.

Today Terry has a hay customer, then we are off to help Shannon haul wood.  After that we will continue work on her fireplace.  Nothing heats like a nice wood stove!  We won’t get done today, but maybe by Thursday.  (We really hope we can  be done by Thursday… the cold is settling in — oh, I’m starting to sound like a broken record.)

But today…today it is still Summer 83* today.  I will relish every moment of it!

Your friend on a California Mesa farm,