The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Through the House’s Yard

Just before first light, that sky that has almost has a feeling of light coming.  You know the sky, it’s still black and very dark, but your body knows the light is supposed to start showing up…well; I was sleeping away, just dead-to-the-world, really asleep when Fuzzy jumped up and headed outside.


He jumped up so fast it woke me up!

Before I could get fully awake Monkey the Cat and Sammy the Cat ran past me growling, eyes big, heading toward the couch where they perched up on top, looking out the window, still growing.

I KNEW I was missing out; I jumped up and shot out the back door,



Yip,yip bark, bark….

Fuzzy and I were OFF!


Mom wasn’t far behind me; I struck my baying pose and pointed toward the picket fence…


Then I looked at Mom, she was flying out the door, pulling on her work jacket just as fast as running in flip-flops would let her…………….BARKKKKKKKKKKKKKK,  HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW

Mom didn’t run after Fuzzy and I (we were heading out into the old corn field by the house as fast as our legs could go).  No, Mom was heading toward the poultry house!


Well….too late.

Fuzzy and I trotted back to Mom…she was standing at the window talking to Tom who was standing IN the window, on top of the nesting boxes, letting out shrill gobbles and flapping his wings onto the glass.

Whew!  We were all hard at work!

Mom reached down and gave Fuzzy and I lots of pets, told us we were very good guard dogs, opened the door and gave a very agitated Tommy some pets, told him he did a great job protecting the poultry house, then we all went back inside.

Before we went in I followed the trail all over the yard…something wild this way ran…I tried to tell Mom.  Mom does pretty well about understanding, but she really didn’t know what ran through the yard.


Only we animals really know, and we don’t have real words to tell Mom.

Back inside I heard Mom tell Dad everyone is okay, she isn’t sure what went through, but whatever it was it was very exciting.  It also had everyone very upset.

“Well, could have been a fox or a couple of coyotes” replied Dad. “We’ll have to be on the look out to make sure they don’t come back.”

We will be on the same look-out, Fuzzy and I said. We are the GUARD DOGS!!!

(The photos are of a known fox (or foxes) that travel through.  No photo of whatever it was this time as it was actually in the yard of the house and by the back porch and car port.)


Boomer, a Good Dog

Oh, yes,


Fuzzy and good Dog

Oh………..yes………….and the two cats and Tom. Shish

I didn’t forget…I put them in.





23 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Through the House’s Yard

  1. Boomer, I’m really proud of you, Fuzzy, Tom, Sammy and Monkey for doing such a good job of guarding the yard and the poultry house. I hope you don’t have any more incidents, but I know you will all keep a good lookout.


  2. Wow—you all ARE two fabulous guard dogs… Those ole’ mean coyotes or foxes (whatever they were this time) need to stay AWAY from your home and from the chickens…. Yipes!!! Close Call. Glad everyone is okay.

    Congrats, Fuzzy and Boomer… Hope Mom gave you a wonderful treat.


  3. Well done, Fuzzy and Boomer. Keep those wild things out where they belong and let them know you and Tommy are on the job 24/7. Too bad the talking dog collar from “Up” is only science fiction. It would be so nice to get some extra info from the dogs and cats who really see what happened.


  4. I’m so glad you two, and the guard kitties, were on the ball and detected danger!! You saved the chickens and Tom the turkey! Good boys! I’ll bet it was a silly ole fox that thinks he could get a morsel or two. Little did he know about you guardians, huh?! Keep up the good work!



  5. You boys did a fine job!! Be real careful and stay safe. We have a Lynx Rufus running around our place… now my little dogs can’t come out with me and play around while I do chores. Anyway, you all did good!


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