The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — It’s Mine

It snowed last night.  Little tiny drops of snow that pelted your hide as you walked to and fro behind Mom while she worked.

Mom had to put up Tommy and the hens they were stupidly staying outside getting pelted on…and wet…and wetter.   Fuzzy and I tried to help.

Ummm Fuzzy tried to help, me not so much.  Well, yes I did— I see my job as staying right behind Mom wherever she is.  Fuzzy tries to help herd the poultry to the poultry house, but he can’t sometimes see where they are going so he just stands there in crouch mood.

Oh, well, works for me.   It must work for Mom because she doesn’t get upset at Fuzzy.  I guess that means we are a good working team—Mom, Fuzzy and ME! J

Today is the last day of January 2014.  The 31st day! Even if it’s snowing outside and the day is all one color—- a grayish whitish color it is still 10 hours and 12 minutes long!!  The first day of January the day was only 9 hours and 30 minutes long…THINGS ARE IMPROVING!!!

Now what I wanted to tell you about is this:  Mom brought us some bones from the grocery store when she went to town yesterday morning.  Yummy bones with some meat and sweet rich fat on them!

Fuzzy and I chomped down as fast as we could so nothing or no one else could get ‘OUR BONES”!

We were about done eating when Mom came out and asked us to go for a walk with her to check on the cows…I still had a little bit left to go so I took it with me.

Fuzzy left his back in his dog house.

Not me.  No sireee.  I’ve had Shannon turn up with all the dog cousins, or Hank walk over, or even Fuzzy sneak around and GET MY BONE!

So I took it with me!

Slurp, slobber, drool.

But, while Mom was getting the gate, I, well, decided a really long walk with a super nice bone wouldn’t be a good idea.  I might lay it down somewhere then forget where I put it and some coyote, wild dog, or that fox will get my bone.


Looking quickly here and there I figured out Just What To DO!!!!!

Bury-a-boneBURY IT!!!

It’s Mine!!

Good.  Now I can go get it whenever I get to wanting something to chew on!

Wiping my paws together; snorting and sneezing the dirt out of my nose I trotted off with Mom and Fuzzy to see if there are any babies in the field.



P.S.  No babies yet, maybe today.  The weather is bad enough Mom says there is bound to be a couple new little ones out there.


14 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — It’s Mine

  1. Dear Boomer, you are a very clever doggy…and very lucky to have sweet fatty bones to chew on. Your Mom is VERY nice, don’t you think? Make sure you make her feel appreciated!! Also, I really appreciate you’re telling me how much more light we already have! It makes such a difference doesn’t it? xx


  2. Boomer, I hope you are better at finding your buried bones than my Lucky is! I finally had to quit giving her chew bones even, as she would take them out into the field and bury them, never to be found again!!! She now gets treats that she can eat right away.

    The cows sure look nice…and contented! Can’t wait to see some little calves!



  3. You do make a good team! Mom and I are a two person team.
    Pickles and I get bones too but I have to watch very closely to see where Pickles hides hers. I hid mine too sometimes. But I like to be able to get Pickles too.
    We won’t have any calves until April mom says.
    We have about 5 inches of fluffy snow. I try to eat it all. And I like the ice that mom throws out of the stock tank in the hay field. Good Stuff!
    The Gus


  4. I’m confused in my city way. I know how hard Marianne sometimes has to work to birth their cows in the barn, do these ladies just drop them in the field. Are they all right? I hope this isn’t a dumb question.


  5. Good helpers. That cow has here eye on you! 🙂 HA! 5 more babies in the heifers today! And the sleepless nights and tired days are in full swing now!
    Have a great weekend!


  6. Too funny! Our girl is indoor only, but when she decides she doesn’t want to eat all of her breakfast she shoves the bowl across the kitchen and under the table to ‘bury it’. As if the cats care about her icky dog food!


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