Ground Hog Day (without photos) February 2, 2014

The sun is shining here and it’s cold, cold, cold!  Guess that means we will be having 6 more weeks of winter.  (I’m not surprised, are you?)

On the news front–

  • No calves yet
  • We had a wee melt yesterday so that helps
  • I have a hurt chicken in the house

I would take a photo of this poor little hen, but you really don’t want to see.  One of the other chickens (maybe all of the other chickens) ganged up oh her and ripped her comb off, bloodied her head and the side of her face and, possibly, damaged her eye.

I was out in the hen house when she came running to me and the big black hen ran just as fast and jumped right on her back and started pecking.  I grabbed the black hen and got her off the little buff hen.  Picked up the little buff hen and brought her to the house.

Inside I put her in the cat carrier, added water and food, but she just didn’t care.  So I wrapped her in a towel and sat her on my lap.  Gradually, gradually, I was able to get the blood all cleaned off and some water down her throat.  It was a long haul.

She liked my lap.  I talked to her, she talked back; little coo’s and chuckles of love.  I wish I could understand hen.  Off and on throughout the night I would check on her in her little cat carrier…”Are you okay, Little Hen?”  I would whisper.  “coo, coo, peep, chuckle”, she would reply back.

She is doing better today.  We had a wee sit on my lap while I checked her over, petted her feathers and talked to her about how to take care of the pickle she is in.  She and I decided that there is no way she can go back into the pen with the other girls.  She thinks staying in the house would be just fine, although the cat carrier is rather uncomfortable.  I could just let her out; she would enjoy the house.

Hummmm, I don’t think so, my fine little hen.  I must do some sorting out there so you can go back and have lots of room to do things.

I called Shannon and asked her to come get the other hens, but to leave Tommy.  This little hen will be able to stay with Tommy when I get all of the other sorted out.  Tommy will be company and help with the body heat in the chicken house.  We got down to 7* last night; I’m thinking another cold front must be moving in again.

On a brighter note I am going to take your advice and suggestions and writing a proper book about the dogs Everyday Life on the farm.  It will be an eBook when I’m finished.  I’ve talked to a knowledgeable lady who is willing to help me once I get everything in the proper format and length for publication.

Here is part of what she told me:   The market for eBooks for children is rapidly evolving.  As more and more school systems buy tablets for their children, more children have their own tablets and computers at a younger age, we think this is going to be the next huge market.”

I’m rather excited and a bit over-whelmed, but I’ve been working on this for sometime so I do have some ideas to begin with.  I’m not sure if the Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer will be just for children or for everyone.  I guess I will let them help me decided.

Anyway, I thank each and every one of your for your comments and private emails that have continued to encourage me to give this a go.  Like one of you said, it never hurts to try.

Your friend,



32 thoughts on “Ground Hog Day (without photos) February 2, 2014

  1. Oh, wow, the idea of your book is so exciting! You do what you do so very well. Sorry about the little hen. We have two separate coops for eight chickens right now because of the same problem.


  2. I can’t blame the hen for wanting to stay with you in the house, but hopefully you will soon find a solution so that she can have peace even after you get your other hens back. In the meantime I’m sure Tommy will take care of her.

    I think your ebook idea is a great one. I’m sure some of us older ‘children’ would be interested in it as well.


  3. Poor wee hen..its a good thing that you saved her..obviously she has done or said something to upset the other ladies. Whatever it was..they took umbridge and set upon her. ( Could it be a racist attack) I do hope that she will fully recover…..and as for your e-book…definitely the way to go. I think that in years to come paper books will disappear altogether and everyone will have ipads or something similar. One day I shall be able to boast that I know a famous author !!


  4. I cannot wait for your book! I have a toddler if it goes that route and I know I will enjoy reading it, whatever the level. So sorry about the little hen. I guess there is a reason that the word “hen” is used to connote less-than-kind females.


  5. poor little hen…I have seen that happen to a flock of chickens before…and they usually end up killing that one…dont know why or how it starts, but they are bullies until they do big time harm to the one being bullied….hope she is ok and you think of something other than letting her roam around in your house….lol….


  6. The ebook sounds like fun! I love the stories of Fuzzy & Boomer. I hope your little hen heals up!
    Happy Ground Hogs day!
    We’re suppose to get a cold front coming. Teens and below. With north wind! UGH!


  7. Poor hen. I had something sneak into the coop the other night and take a swipe at one hen. Fortunately it isn’t bad.The book will be wonderful! Next year you will be able to go to show and tell for the letter ‘a’: Author!! 🙂


  8. Sorry to hear that you are so cold. Here in California it has been too dry and too mild. Exciting news about your children’s ebook. Interesting that you’ve been told about the kids using more tablets. My novel for 12 and up has done poorly as an ebook in comparison to the paperback version. Dogs, on the other side, are always beloved by and kids. And grown-ups, too.


  9. I’m so excited that you’re finally doing an e-book…..looking forward to seeing the finished product and hearing about the learning curve involved. YOU GO GIRL!!


  10. Thank heavens the poor little hen had you to comfort her and make her feel cherished and safe… and wonderful about your book… so glad things are working out for you… will be replying to your other message… life running away at the moment….


  11. Don’t you wish you those hens would simply listen to you and stop being mean? I tried to talk to mine…don’t know if it’s working yet! Looks like Colorado is headed into a deep freeze for a week or so. I’m really, really ready for spring. Good luck on the book 🙂


  12. You’ve got a story there with the little hen, too. I think “children’s” books are actually everyone books. I find they are pleasant reading for the most part and don’t limit myself to “adult” books just because I am an adult. Sometimes the best told stories with the most meaning are found in books supposedly written for children.


  13. Oh, Linda, I’m so happy you’re going to tackle the e-book project! That’s great. Fuzzy and Boomer have so much to tell children — all of us. How do you think they’d like an authors’ tour? The little hen story makes me so sad. Do you have any idea why the others attacked her? And does that mean that she would always be a target? Sounds like high school bullying to me. Alas.


  14. That’s so exciting – a book about (by?) the Boys!
    Wish I knew what it was that made animals turn on one of their own like that…One of the stables where my oldest kept her horse back in high school had a herd of about 8 Chincoteague ponies. They all picked on one little stallion so much that he had to be separated for his own safety.


  15. Yes, Linda! Do write that book! We read to our two boys a lot before they learned how to read for themselves, and Fuzzy and Boomer’s adventures would have been ideal for that on a tablet (which didn’t exist then). My older son especially liked the John Deere books.
    As for the little hen, I hope she pulls through. Sometimes the “natural order of things” can sure be cruel.


  16. Great news about your book, I’m sure it will be fun for all to read. About your hen, we had chickens when I was at home and they can be vicious and even cannibalistic (sorry) I hope you get the hen well. Have a good week.


  17. I have a friend who was having the same problem with her hens. They actually killed a hen before they got it sorted out. My suspicion was that the heat lamps were providing too much light and the hens had nothing to do. She removed the gang leader for a few days (to upset the “leadership” of said hen) and also added food and water for the other hens and some scratch on the floor of the coop.
    Congratulations on the book! I hope you enjoy putting it together!! 🙂


  18. That is fantastic news! The e- book will be great! You do such a great job writing! You remind of my sister-in-law, Marianne. She is fantastic also! Hope the hen recovers!


  19. I am delighted to hear that you are going on with your book. I have learned so many things from your blog. Don’t worry about whether your audience will be children or adults. Good children’s books appeal to adults and don’t write down to children. The tone and voice you use in your blog is perfect for a book.


  20. First, I am absolutely thrilled you are doing this cause you have a knack for writing. Your doggies will be celebrities soon. And your chicken – that breaks my heart. I have two blind chickens and don’t know why but they do well. I keep medicine on hand cause one of my hens pecked one girls new pin feathers and it bleed. The med has something in it that the chickens don’t like. So it worked. I have kept chickens in the house this fall in a baby playpen I got at a thrift store. She will do fine with Tommy. Is Shannon’s hen house repaired by now. That means no eggs tho.


  21. Yay – I can’t wait!!! What exciting news to catch up with you on :-D.

    I love that you moved your hen inside and gave the boot to the others :-). She’ll have a great story to tell as well, especially for kids – about bullying and things getting better and standing up for your friends…

    Use those awesome tea towels. Don’t just admire them. Took me awhile to get over that – oh, I can’t use my handwoven towels. They get better and better with age. Seriously.

    Okay, crossing fingers that this posts. Control C’ing just in case so I can paste it into an email if I have to ;-).


  22. How sweet to cuddle your little hen. I don’t know why birds have to be so mean to each other. Seagulls are known to peck another to death. The original gangs, I suppose. I’m sure your stories will be a hit!


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