Life is Full of Gifts—Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Today I’m another year old.  That in and of itself is a very nice gift!  Not only am I another year older I am in good health!  That is a HUGE gift!

Another (tongue and check gift) is I will be 66 two years in a row…HOW COOL is THAT?!

Not many people can have the same birthday twice, but I’ve managed to do so several times in my life.  When I turned 37 I was 38 for two years, when I turned 51 I was 52 for two years and then last year when I turned 65, (just like those other years before) I skipped being that number and rushed myself right along to 66—so once more I get to be 66 for a year!  I even up-aged my oldest daughter and then for some crazy reason I down-aged my two youngest daughters, my son got to stay his right age.


The weather is still dark and dreary and wet.  BUT the gift is IT ISN’T terribly cold!  When the sun does shine forth you can bet I’ll be outside dancing in it!  🙂


The fuel prices in our town have taken a decidedly nice tumble—although, I understand that falling fuel prices are NOT a good thing for people working in the gas and oil fields.


Terry gave me a really neat, sturdy outdoor jacket!  I just love it!  Full of pockets to carry my camera, gloves, scarves, you name it.  It’s sturdy and warm!  YAY!

I have many wonderful gifts…I wish to not single any one out, but this one is heart-warming and sad and special all at once.


Fuzzy and Boomer’s stories all wrapped up in two bound books, complete with photos.

Our daughter in Grand Junction, pulled the stories off the blog and had them bound in two books.

I cried when saw them.  Inside are all the animals our families have had…each granddog over the years and, of course, that wonderful wise dog Fuzzy and his side-kick Boomer.


The back shows the photo our Kelly, our son-in-law took of a rainbow over our house and farm buildings.  A rainbow is such a beautiful site and to have it right over our place is a true gift.

This morning I had many, many, many birthday wishes on FaceBook, emails of birthday wishes and several phone calls, and the post office has delivered many, many birthday cards!

I am so humble and over-whelmed at the amazing people who fill my life–each one of you are a special gift to all who know you—and most definitely a special gift to me!

Your (finally) 66 year old friend!



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—Our Trip to Turkey

Sorry we are late!

We had the trip of a lifetime…a really cool adventure!

Uncle Spike  asked us to come to Turkey as guest bloggers.

Just getting Back

Boomer and I have JUST NOW GOT BACK!  If you would like to see our post—-please go here!  Fuzzy told me a cool story about dogs that lived here in our part of Colorado hundreds of years ago.  It was lots of fun!

You might just join up with all of the Uncle Spike followers as we learn about every day life, every day farming life, in Turkey.

Exhausted but happy,

Fuzzy and Boomer

The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Going for a Ride

Sometimes our Sister comes over with all her dog children and her boy friend’s dog, and our other sister’s dog!  We have a great time when she does that.

Sometimes we go for a walk and sometimes a ride.

To be really honest with you I’m not real sure about this ride stuff…Boomer likes it,


Not so much!


(Can you see me…right by Hank Puff the big red dog? I’m the little dog begging Mom to get me out there…right next to Boomer who is having a great time!)

See what you think….Five giant dogs


And then me!


I have to make sure I stake out my spot early, but…if they want it they can have it.

I always just move.

Of course once we are back…I lick Mom all over and tell her I had a ‘great time’!  I’m not about to let Boomer go off without me!!!!



Ground Hog Day (without photos) February 2, 2014

The sun is shining here and it’s cold, cold, cold!  Guess that means we will be having 6 more weeks of winter.  (I’m not surprised, are you?)

On the news front–

  • No calves yet
  • We had a wee melt yesterday so that helps
  • I have a hurt chicken in the house

I would take a photo of this poor little hen, but you really don’t want to see.  One of the other chickens (maybe all of the other chickens) ganged up oh her and ripped her comb off, bloodied her head and the side of her face and, possibly, damaged her eye.

I was out in the hen house when she came running to me and the big black hen ran just as fast and jumped right on her back and started pecking.  I grabbed the black hen and got her off the little buff hen.  Picked up the little buff hen and brought her to the house.

Inside I put her in the cat carrier, added water and food, but she just didn’t care.  So I wrapped her in a towel and sat her on my lap.  Gradually, gradually, I was able to get the blood all cleaned off and some water down her throat.  It was a long haul.

She liked my lap.  I talked to her, she talked back; little coo’s and chuckles of love.  I wish I could understand hen.  Off and on throughout the night I would check on her in her little cat carrier…”Are you okay, Little Hen?”  I would whisper.  “coo, coo, peep, chuckle”, she would reply back.

She is doing better today.  We had a wee sit on my lap while I checked her over, petted her feathers and talked to her about how to take care of the pickle she is in.  She and I decided that there is no way she can go back into the pen with the other girls.  She thinks staying in the house would be just fine, although the cat carrier is rather uncomfortable.  I could just let her out; she would enjoy the house.

Hummmm, I don’t think so, my fine little hen.  I must do some sorting out there so you can go back and have lots of room to do things.

I called Shannon and asked her to come get the other hens, but to leave Tommy.  This little hen will be able to stay with Tommy when I get all of the other sorted out.  Tommy will be company and help with the body heat in the chicken house.  We got down to 7* last night; I’m thinking another cold front must be moving in again.

On a brighter note I am going to take your advice and suggestions and writing a proper book about the dogs Everyday Life on the farm.  It will be an eBook when I’m finished.  I’ve talked to a knowledgeable lady who is willing to help me once I get everything in the proper format and length for publication.

Here is part of what she told me:   The market for eBooks for children is rapidly evolving.  As more and more school systems buy tablets for their children, more children have their own tablets and computers at a younger age, we think this is going to be the next huge market.”

I’m rather excited and a bit over-whelmed, but I’ve been working on this for sometime so I do have some ideas to begin with.  I’m not sure if the Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer will be just for children or for everyone.  I guess I will let them help me decided.

Anyway, I thank each and every one of your for your comments and private emails that have continued to encourage me to give this a go.  Like one of you said, it never hurts to try.

Your friend,


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I love the moon!  I love when the moon is full — spreading sliver and crystal and blue lights upon the land.


The dogs and I go for a walk, just to be showered in the lovely glow




We go just as it’s just coming up and we go again just before nine at night

December-moonI always try to wake-up sometime during the night, just to take the dogs and go walking down the lane…oh, sometime around one or so in the morning.  The dogs know the second I start putting on my Carhart we are going for a walk.

I don’t walk out into the fields late at night…too many coyotes and other critters I don’t want to meet, but in the evening we do.

PaoniaIn the evening we are surrounded in the glow of the winter sunset

Raggeds1With the air full of winter bird calls…the Canadian Geese and the Sandhill Cranes…later after mid-night the owls will hoo-hoo -hoo , we will hear a fox barking and the coyotes yipping as the moon light and the star light fills the shinning clear air.

We will walk along, the dogs sniffing out news and I watching stars fall from a million years ago.

The neighbor’s dog (who lives outside, no matter the temperatures) will hear us crunching along in the snow, or hear me calling to Boomer to not go off too far…he adds his warning bark to the other sounds.  His people, either don’t care nor never hear, I call to him…’It’s okay…it’s just us walking in the moonlight.  It’s okay…’  He stops.  Then calls out again…”GOOD NIGHT” I call back…’Sleep Well, little dog!  Sleep Well.”  Then the dogs and I go in to the warmth of the wood stove and snugly blankets.


By five in the morning the moon has made it’s way to shine into the bedroom windows, lighting up Sammy the cat as he sleeps on the edge of the bed. Sam puts a paw over his eyes and keeps on sleeping.  Monkey jumps into the window to watch the world from the warmth and safety of the house.  I too watch the world as the moon slowly sinks and the day begins.

Good Morning everyone!

Your friend,






The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — The Living is Easy

We had snow!


Lots and lots of snow!


Then it turned to rain, which turned to mud!


Lately we have been having fog full of frozen crystals, then the sun comes out, then the fog comes back…days of this.


Fuzzy and I don’t mind!

Really we don’t.


We help Mom out…we decorated the tree, hung some light on the porch, helped cook meals…although that always gets us banished to ‘the other room’.

That is what Mom always says when she starts making those yummy smells from the kitchen… “Out boys, you have to go to the other room now!”

So we do…


Going to the other room is okay doaky also…HEAT!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!

So it’s okay what goes on outside, for Fuzz and I…………….THE LIVING IS EASY!


I just about forgot.

Remember when I was new to the farm and I was terrified of the tractor and loader

You have GOT to see this!!!

Chaco and Balou meet the COMBINE!!!  (Turn your head so you can watch, it was taken with Shannon’s cell phone and Mom doesn’t know how to fix the video so it’s upside right)

Fuzzy and I rolled on the ground!  After all it is just a combine!!

Mom told us that wasn’t funny, after all she reminded me I was afraid of the tractor when I first got here!

Oh, well!


Back to all the warm heat from the wood stove!

Just hang’n around and enjoying winter!


Christmas Eve December 24, 2012

Fuzzy and Boomer here…we just had to do this.  Mom said it was okay.

Shannon also brought of hats FOR THE CATS!!!


We couldn’t stop laughing….Sammy tried to run outside, but Mom wouldn’t open the door!



Monkey just glared and glared at us!!!


Oooo, Whew!  Our sides hurt!!!


Fuzzy and Boomer

The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Boomer Takes Over

Fuzzy and I have a theory….if Mom takes a photo of you, you get a new home!

Well, NOT Fuzzy and I, but the dogs we walk.  (What we do in our spare time)

First there was Red and Gypsy and Helen, then Shorty


and the puppy, now we have Amber.


(She told us that isn’t her real name, just some made up name to make the Shelter people happy.)

We don’t walk all the dogs Shannon walks, or all the dogs Mom walks, but we do walk the dogs that Mom and Shannon think can handle being on the farm and well….out in the open.

Mom says some dogs are so used to town life the big countryside would scare them.


First we walk to meet Shannon, who stops at Misty’s and gets Hank. Then we all run to meet each other….then we all run BACK to Shannon.


If there is another dog to run with…



Introductions take a little time.Amber-Arrives

Then off we go.


Houston and I are hounds so we don’t spend lots of time with everyone.


Mom says we miss out of ‘stuff’, but that is just her opinion.


Everyone walked up and saw what Dad was working on, Fuzzy thought about staying and keeping Dad company; he said Dad needed him.  But after we got started he decided to come.  Mom says it takes Fuzzy some time because he gets tired and has to rest.


While he rested we looked for mice…


Hank thought he found some…

This time Amber came to walk with us. Amber is a Redbone Hound.  How cool is that!?! Another HOUND!  Houston and I loved having another Hound.  She had to stay on the leash though, because, well, because she IS a hound.  And she is a coon hound!  And we have LOTS OF RACOONS!!!!

Mom and Shannon didn’t want to lose her somewhere in the upper reaches of our property and never find her again.

Fuzzy and I want all you and your magic thoughts to send the perfect family to the shelter for Amber.  She is a really nice Hound…



Thank you,



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Back to Work

We are back to work!  Hanging around and just doing what we want is now over, our work has begun.  That’s what Mom told us yesterday as we headed out to help irrigate.

See we don’t farm with Dad.  We stay with Mom wherever she is.  Our job is helping Mom, always.  Sometimes Boomer will go out some with Dad but Dad is always on a tractor or something and that is just not fun running alongside a big piece of equipment.

We ride (like Mom does) and then we work.

Boomer and I really like it.

We really like helping out too.  There is so much to do.  Sometimes there are mice to snap in two and sometimes not, but there are always smells to smell and for ME there is water to play in.

It’s getting a little harder every year to get OUT of the ditches, but I don’t have any trouble getting into them.  Mom doesn’t like for me to get into the ditches anymore because I can’t get out very well.  But I still do it — I just wait until she isn’t looking and I jump in.

The day before Dad made all the ditches on the place—first he made the main ditches, these are the ditches that carry the water to the fields from the head gate (the head gate takes the water out of the canal onto our place).

Then he made the waste ditches, these are the ditches that take the water away from the field and drop the water back into the canal so the next farm can use the water.

After that we had to wait for the ditch rider to open the head gate so we could begin work.

Work started at 6:00 last evening.  We worked until 8:00 because there were so many weeds and burn trash in the ditches, but we made it.

Boomer and I helped.  I even got into the water a couple of times which made Mom yell at me.  She said the water was too full of trash and it would stick to my fur so I had to get out.


Trash on fur is not a big deal.

But she made me get out.

It was rather hard to get out, so I hung with Mom looking for mice in the tubes while she dug out ends and started the tubes with water.

Dad had to work on the trash in the head gate and the transmission ditch, and then he came and helped Mom set tubes.

The trash WAS bad.

And the wind was bad.  The wind kept blowing in other trash so we had to stay out and keep the water from flowing over the sides of the cement ditch for ever so long.

Boom and I really enjoyed it.

Mom and Dad said they were tired.

They worked all morning, then helped Evan move furniture into his new house and set up his new kitchen and then chased water all evening.  The second they sat down in their chairs they were asleep.

Boomer and I were still good to go, but since the folks were so tired we decided maybe we wouldn’t chase Freddy Fox or any of the raccoons tonight or even get on the barking telephone system.

Around 11:00 Dad had to go back out in the wind to check tubes again to make sure they hadn’t trashed back up and stopped or the water was flowing over the sides of the cement ditch into the work fields.

We went part way and then turned back.  ½ mile is pretty far to run for me anymore and Boomer didn’t want to leave me.

By that time we were tired so when Dad got back we went to bed also.

Anyhow our work has begun.

We love it, couldn’t ask for a better life!

Fuzzy (and Boomer)