The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Snow

Boy, do I love the snow!!!  I sometimes just go outside and SIT in the snow.  Sometimes I LAY in the snow…and sometimes I like to hunt in the snow.


Here Boom and I are looking for mice.  Mice love to tunnel under the snow and creep close to our dog houses!  They think they can nab dog food, but Mom keeps the dog food in the house on the back porch next to our water bowls.  She says that keeps the critters out of the food and the ice off the water.


The cows have been munching and munching all day and all night and they are still at it.  That is a sure sign even more snow is coming our way.


You see cows know…they know if there is too much of a storm they won’t get to eat, they will just stay hunkered down in the hollows and under the brush waiting for the storm to mosey on out of here.  While they are waiting they will peacefully be chewing their cuds.

Until then they eat and eat and eat.

No babies yet…last year the first one popped out on Valentine’s Day.  Maybe that will happen again this year…we will just wait and see.


Until then Boomer and I have lots of mice to try and catch (before the snow comes) and we go inside to help Mom and Dad out.

See ya Next Week,


Over here, Boomer, I smell two of them!


21 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Snow

  1. Fuzzy, it looks as if you Boomer enjoy being in the snow. I hope you are successful in catching the sneaky mice who tunnel under the snow. I’ll bet Mom and Dad are happy about the moisture the snow is giving the farm.


  2. Not a single flake of snow has fallen here all winter, so those two would have been very disappointed had they lived on our farm.


  3. If there are mice under the snow, my little dog would be in heaven. She’s a renowned ratter and loves the thrill of the chase. I love watching her do that funny hop like a fox into the snow.

    It’s so nice to see your cows out in the snow. The farmers here keep them indoors in the winter, so we won’t see them out in the fields until May.


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