The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — In-Between

BudsHey, Boom, just look at that sky!  Mom loves the sky, and is always looking at it.  I think because she says: “Wow, boys!  Just look at that sky!  It’s beautiful!”  I’ve started paying attention to the sky.

I like it too Fuzzy.  But It’s sort of well, getting dark.

That’s not dark, Boomer.  That’s the in-between sky.

The in-between sky?

Yes, that the special time of the day when the sky is not bright nor is it dark.  It’s in-between.

It’s like life…you have times when you are in-between.

I KNOW!! I KNOW!!! When I hurt my knee…I was in-between being able to run and in-between not running at all.

YES!  Boomer that’s it!

So let’s play a game…the in-between game. You tell of an in-between time and then I will tell of an in-between time.

Good!  Okay, Fuzzy here I go…Dad goes out and gets on the four-wheeler, we run out right behind him, but he takes off. We just stand there wanting to go but we can’t.  That’s in-between!

Yep!  Then Mom comes out, we run to her, she says, ‘Come on boys, let’s go’ and she puts us on the four-wheeler with her.



Okay, I have one, Boom….Dad and Mom come out and get in the pickup and start to back out of the carport.


And Mom opens the door and says: “Come on boys, let’s go!” and she puts us in the pick-up.  WITH BIG HUGS FOR BOTH OF US!!

Okay, here’s another one, Fuzzy.  Mom is upstairs working in her office. We are outside on the lawn.  We can look in the window and see Mom but she doesn’t see us.

Then Dad comes walking up to the backdoor to go in and says—Come on in boys! So we run in as fast as we can go.  Then we stop.   Dad says—Go on upstairs and gives us pats on the head. We RUN upstairs as fast as we can go so we can sleep by Mom while she is working on the computer!

This is fun!  Here’s one for you Fuzzy…Mom takes us to the Groomer!

OH! WHY DID YOU BRING THAT UP…shudder, shake, shiver, pant, pant, tremble.

But she comes back, Fuzzy and gives us all sorts of love and hugs and so does Dad.  They tell us how nice we smell and how soft we feel!

True, Boomer…but I hate that in-between.

It’s still an in-between, Fuzzy!

Well…let’s move on to another in-between—like when all the dog cousins come for a dog walk, you go with Mom and Shannon and all the dogs and I wait at the gain bins.

Yep, then when we get back Shannon lets us walk into the back of the truck on the dog ramp with all our dog cousins!


And sometimes they just show up and Mom grabs us and puts us in the back of the truck with all the dog cousins and we get to go for a RIDE!!  It’s a barking great time!

How about when it’s cold outside and we want to be inside but no one is home.  Or they are home and the house is full of company.  Yeah, that’s when we have to stay in our snuggly warm dog houses.  But staying in the dog house isn’t the in-between …it’s the waiting to get inside to bake by the fireplace.

Yes, and when we finally get to get inside we get LOTS of hugs and pettings!

How about when Mom wakes us up in the dark of the night and says: “Come on, boys! Let’s go for a walk”.

Out the door we go.

The walk is the in-between, because when we get back inside…

We get a dog treat, covered up with our blankets and good-night pets and lots of love.

Oh, I finally get it Fuzzy…in-between is that time just before you get LOVE!


That’s right, Boomer!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you Fuzzy!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you, Dear Readers!

Happy Day of Love!

Fuzzy and Boomer on a Western Colorado Farm







24 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — In-Between

  1. Aren’t they precious! This is the very best Valentine’s post that I’ve read. Really heart warming.

    O love your in-between sky. And look at those fluffy pink candy floss clouds! Ours are a thick, dark grey forbidding mass that fill the sky and threaten to swallow us up. I can’t wait for pretty blossom like clouds to return.


  2. “Beginnings are usually scary and endings are often sad so we need to enjoy the middles.” But the in-betweens that are so uncertain are something else. You two are great philosphers.


  3. Haha. What a great story! We went to our favorite restaurant in another town. And we always get lost going there. But then we found it and had some great crawfish!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, boys!


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