Happiness Has Heard Your Name—-Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you. Hafez

The earth, the sky, water, animals, and plants all of the natural world—makes me happy.

Living on this farm, hugging on the farmer every night, or randomly throughout the day,

 Those are all such joy producing moments

Every second of every day

The stories of each and everything surrounding me tells a story

Sometimes the story is one of sadness…like the two little baby raccoons smashed on the county road this morning

But the largest majority of the day (and night) is full of wonder

And, above all, magic.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Bedrooms—That Spot of Deep Contentment—Sunday, December 31, 2017

The cows and the equines have special places they like to bed down

They pick the warmest spot (if you don’t believe me all one has to do is go sit in that spot for a spell, then move to other places and compare)

 That spot is a churn of dirt and poop.  For the minute a cows stands up from laying down, she poops! 🙂
Everyone gathers together in those ‘spots’ the bedrooms, resting and chewing their cuds.  Its a gentle time of peace.

But if a storm is coming in…the bedrooms wait.  For this is the time of bulking up, filling the stomachs with fodder; creating inner heat and warmth.

The Clouds are thick and grey and heavy; the air feels like snow.  But the weather people say there won’t be.  Still the cows and equines say…bulk up…it feel like a storm coming in.

I wonder who will be right?

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


A Slow Beating Heart—Wednesday, October 12, 2016

SunriseThis morning the sunlight washed over the world in rays of yellow and gold. (I didn’t get a photo this morning, but it looked like this from last summer)

october-morn-sunriseThe clouds from yesterday scattered and gone.  Although, the rising of the sun yesterday was amazing, with it’s rays of orange and apricot and purple breaking forth from the heavy clouds.

workToday promises to be a fine day!  The trees and bushes and even the weeds are all starting to go to gold and rust with splashes of red.

our-house-in-the-eveningToday I will water up my yard and gardens.  Making sure they do NOT go into winter dry and thirsty.  The flight of the sun and the falling leaves my constant companions.

sunset-skyBefore the day ends Terry and I will (also) go down and put the water pump and all the sprinkler lines to bed for the winter, at our other house.   After, which, we will do the same for our yard.

24.jpgA farm, any farm, has a life of it’s own.  Although, after all the harvest is done the heartbeat slows, pacing itself.  (Photo taken last year 2015)

We are not there yet.  We are in the process of waiting for the corn to dry enough to harvest.  Until corn harvest is over, we spend our time putting things to bed, closing down the summer things, getting ready—for winter.

Winter-2Still much to do!

From my world to your heart!



A Drop By–Sunday, July 27, 2014

The heat here has been exhausting. Part of the reason we are are so hot is the fact we have corn fields all around us…all but the five acres of pinto beans right in front of the house.

Pinto-Bean-FieldSince the humidity is high for us, it seems hotter than normal. I know nothing like those of you who live where there is high humidity all the time.  (July and part of August is the monsoon time for the high mountain deserts of the Rocky Mountain mountain range).

Anyway, since the humidity is high, with afternoon thunder and lightening storms complete with rain and living in a much higher humid environment  A CORN FIELD we are ‘feeling the heat’!


The corn fields effectively block any slight breezes or tiny winds that flow over the top of the Uncompahgre (Un-come-pah-gray–accent on the `pah) Plateau and onto the surrounding mesa’s including ours–California Mesa.

Corn fields by nature ARE hot and humid!  Therefore, we are like tall green corn plants maturing in the July sun.  Even the swamp cooler doesn’t help; it produces even more humidity.


Yesterday was a ‘sore trial’ as my beloved maternal Grandmother used to say!  Being a child I never really understood that saying…but as a Grandmother myself, having lived many days and then some; I do.

(Anymore my Grandmother’s words seem to sing to me in the breezes, to ride with me over the dirt roads as I help change water, or we rest on the patio in the evening.  I hear her spirit moving through my own words and in encounters of weeds and plants in the gardens, which we both love.)

The little grandchildren arrive off and on through the days, staying a short while then getting on their bikes to peddle home creating their own breezes as the fly through the fields between houses.  I’m sure they don’t understand the term ‘sore trial’.  🙂

Still it is only the humidity that is hard to manage.  Everything else is going nicely.

A-rideLast week Terry’s brother ‘dropped by’ on his way back to his home in Gilbert, Arizona. Terry enjoyed their couple of hours visit — after a quick ride in the corvette, Roger was back on the road.  He had miles and miles to go from here to Utah, then New Mexico, and on into Arizona.

All the hay is in and stacked and some has already been sold.  Terry has started water on the very dry alfalfa field as we begin again preparing for the third cutting.

Today we rest…no hard jobs.  Just those things that must be done.

Your friend on a farm in Western Colorado,






My Day is Filled With Bird Song — June 29, 2014

Early-summer-colorsI have always had lots of birds here.  Most times they could be a nuisance…by flying into the chicken house trying to steal the chicken’s feed.  A chicken raiser really doesn’t want wild birds in the chicken house with the chickens; birds transfer diseases to each other so it’s best to try and keep them separated.

My chickens lived in a great house with a covered pen that kept them safe from the many predators that abound.  But every afternoon my hens ran free until the sun started falling and they put themselves to bed.  They had the best of both worlds, protected house and run and free range from noon until bedtime.

GardenOver time I learned to feed the wild birds so they would stay out of the hen house.  I created a place just for the wild birds so the hens would stay out of the bird seed.  It worked very well.

RedLast winter (after my last hen died) I decided that I didn’t want to raise chickens anymore.  Maybe later, but for now I don’t.  Anyway, after making that decision I expanded my bird feeding stations inviting as many wild birds that want to dine with us that is possible.

Clouds-1Today I have many, many different types of birds (I am not very good with the bird species so I won’t go into listing them) but I do have a few favorites.  A huge flock of Red-Winged Black Birds has left the cattails in the Back Forty to peck and scratch at my little bird station. I love their calls.

Then there is the Western Meadow Larks….that have left the fence lines to come partake of the rich goodies out there.

Of course the wonderful Robins… wake us up and sing to us all the day long.  Right now they are feasting on the mulberries and the sour cherries that are ripe, or trying to ripe.  The Robins really don’t give them a chance to turn really red.

We have many others, Ringed-Necked Doves, ( I miss the Mourning Doves of a few years ago), sparrows of all sorts, and the other little brown feathered birds that fly with them.

I have feeders out for the House Finches so they don’t have to share with the many other little brown feathered birds.

I relish these warm days full of bird song.  Winter is rather sparse with only Starlings, Crows, Ravens and the brown feathered hoard.  I leave my winters open day and night even if it is extremely hot…I want to soak up every day of Spring, Summer and Fall that I can.  Winter is extremely long to me.

BuddiesToday is a day (Sunday)  we only do what is necessary.  This evening our oldest daughter, Shannon, is have a pot-luck cook out.  We will all slather on bug stuff and enjoy visiting with each other.  It won’t be long now before Kelly and Misty and the kids leave for Craig, Colorado, so we must experience as much as possible before they move!

Clouds-2I hope you have a great Sunday!

Your friend,



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—I Do Not Understand You, Boomer!

Well, just for today …THIS IS THE LAST DAY OF FEBRUARY!!!  Mom and I are doing the happy dance here there and everywhere!


The Day is 11 hours and 16 minutes long!  On Sunday, March 9th,  we will switch to Daylight Savings Time and the day will grow LONGER!

YIPPEE!   Mom, myself, and the Little Buff Hen like Daylight Savings Time the Best.  Why?  Because we get up with the sun anyway!

Yesterday was a huge busy day…first rattle-out-of-the-box we all headed over to the equipment hill to load up ‘stuff’ for the consignment sale this coming weekend.

Mom drove the truck and trailer over with Boom and I in the back of the truck.  Dad brought over the tractor with the loader.

It was cold outside, sharp wind, spots of frozen ice, lot of cool smells.


While Mom and Dad worked on getting the ‘stuff’ hooked up and loaded onto the trailer, then shuffling around some of the other ‘stuff’ Boomer and I checked out everything going on around there.


Hummmmmmmmm the skunks are out-and-about.  I think….snuff, sniff, snuff…yep, mating season.  Oh!  The badgers are waking up and doing some house cleaning….

Hey, Boom, don’t head over here… the badgers are out and about…you know how cranky they can get.


‘Snuff, snuff,ummm, yumm, swallow.’  Okay, Fuzzy.  I’ll just stay up here where the cows and calves stay…smack, slurp.


Oh…hummm….yes!  Oh, look a patch of Cheat Grass…the cows are going to love that.

The deer have come back…here is a great deer wallow.  Oh, my…I think I’ll just head on back to Mom…COYOTE poop…not, good…not good at all.  At my advanced age they would find me perfect for breakfast.



Slurp, slobber…(mouth-full) Yes, Fuzzy?

Let’s go back to Mom, it doesn’t seem, like, um, we had better hang out here much longer…I found evidence of coyotes!

COYOTES!!! Yikes!

Let’s go back to MOM!  Beat you there!!!!!

WHEW!  I’m glad we are back!

Looks like Mom and Dad are all loaded and ready to go.


This time Dad has the truck and Mom the tractor.  You go ahead and ride Fuzzy, I want to run back to the house and check out the fields as I go.

Check out the fields for what, Boomer?



Boomer, you really are something, you know it?

Yeah, Fuzzy.  I keep the coyotes from getting close to the house!


Ackk!  I guess so Boomer!  Gag!


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — In-Between

BudsHey, Boom, just look at that sky!  Mom loves the sky, and is always looking at it.  I think because she says: “Wow, boys!  Just look at that sky!  It’s beautiful!”  I’ve started paying attention to the sky.

I like it too Fuzzy.  But It’s sort of well, getting dark.

That’s not dark, Boomer.  That’s the in-between sky.

The in-between sky?

Yes, that the special time of the day when the sky is not bright nor is it dark.  It’s in-between.

It’s like life…you have times when you are in-between.

I KNOW!! I KNOW!!! When I hurt my knee…I was in-between being able to run and in-between not running at all.

YES!  Boomer that’s it!

So let’s play a game…the in-between game. You tell of an in-between time and then I will tell of an in-between time.

Good!  Okay, Fuzzy here I go…Dad goes out and gets on the four-wheeler, we run out right behind him, but he takes off. We just stand there wanting to go but we can’t.  That’s in-between!

Yep!  Then Mom comes out, we run to her, she says, ‘Come on boys, let’s go’ and she puts us on the four-wheeler with her.



Okay, I have one, Boom….Dad and Mom come out and get in the pickup and start to back out of the carport.


And Mom opens the door and says: “Come on boys, let’s go!” and she puts us in the pick-up.  WITH BIG HUGS FOR BOTH OF US!!

Okay, here’s another one, Fuzzy.  Mom is upstairs working in her office. We are outside on the lawn.  We can look in the window and see Mom but she doesn’t see us.

Then Dad comes walking up to the backdoor to go in and says—Come on in boys! So we run in as fast as we can go.  Then we stop.   Dad says—Go on upstairs and gives us pats on the head. We RUN upstairs as fast as we can go so we can sleep by Mom while she is working on the computer!

This is fun!  Here’s one for you Fuzzy…Mom takes us to the Groomer!

OH! WHY DID YOU BRING THAT UP…shudder, shake, shiver, pant, pant, tremble.

But she comes back, Fuzzy and gives us all sorts of love and hugs and so does Dad.  They tell us how nice we smell and how soft we feel!

True, Boomer…but I hate that in-between.

It’s still an in-between, Fuzzy!

Well…let’s move on to another in-between—like when all the dog cousins come for a dog walk, you go with Mom and Shannon and all the dogs and I wait at the gain bins.

Yep, then when we get back Shannon lets us walk into the back of the truck on the dog ramp with all our dog cousins!


And sometimes they just show up and Mom grabs us and puts us in the back of the truck with all the dog cousins and we get to go for a RIDE!!  It’s a barking great time!

How about when it’s cold outside and we want to be inside but no one is home.  Or they are home and the house is full of company.  Yeah, that’s when we have to stay in our snuggly warm dog houses.  But staying in the dog house isn’t the in-between …it’s the waiting to get inside to bake by the fireplace.

Yes, and when we finally get to get inside we get LOTS of hugs and pettings!

How about when Mom wakes us up in the dark of the night and says: “Come on, boys! Let’s go for a walk”.

Out the door we go.

The walk is the in-between, because when we get back inside…

We get a dog treat, covered up with our blankets and good-night pets and lots of love.

Oh, I finally get it Fuzzy…in-between is that time just before you get LOVE!


That’s right, Boomer!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you Fuzzy!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you, Dear Readers!

Happy Day of Love!

Fuzzy and Boomer on a Western Colorado Farm






Mud Season (And I’m not Complaining) February 12, 2014

m‘Needless to say’ ( favorite saying of my Momma’s) you don’t walk around in flip-flops, or regular shoes of any sort right now, you still walk with your boots on.

But instead of the crunch, and creak, and squeak of the snow your feet with the boots on them make a sort of plunk, and splash, and sucking sound.

BUT I’m NOT complaining!  No matter what, after snow you must have mud.  Every day that you have mud with sun and little wind is a day closer to DIRT! or SOIL! or just plain Ground!

The mud is bad enough the dogs don’t like to walk with me, which is okay.  I walked without them.  I wanted to see if the winter annual weeds were perking up–gathering juices to spring forth in all their weedy wonder.

nYep, the nasty Cheat Grass is greening up nicely.  Cheat grass is really a mess…it has tiny little barbs that catch in the throats and coats of animals, on socks and pant legs, in general is just a mess.  I really should go out and spray it with weed killer in the fall, but I never seem to get around too it.  Fall is so extremely busy for us.



I like this little plant…it has little purple flowers and is part of the mustard family.  Since I like this plant I will never try to kill it, although, I don’t know what benefits it has except to make me smile.  And I do, every time I see it.


While out and about a Murder of Crows flew around and around on the wind thermals, forming figure eights in the air, calling and calling for all to hear:  Caw, Caw, Spring is near!

Back home I had three inch clumps of mud on my boots, the dogs just looked at me then rested their heads back down on their paws, as if saying: see that’s why WE didn’t want to go.


That’s okay, I told them!  The walk did me good, it filled that slot that had grown thin in waiting, I now have Joy in my soul.

Your Happy Friend,