The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—‘tis the Season of Great Snacks!

This is the bestest time of the whole year!  I love every minute of this time.  I didn’t used, ‘cause, well, you see, I would randomly get chased by a mean ‘ol Momma cow.  I try to not let that happen anymore.  I stay real close to Mom when we go out to check calves.  The rest of the time I wait until the cows are NOT by the house!


I have to be quick!

If Mom, Fuzzy and I are out for a walk I have to be even quicker; if Mom sees me she almost yells at me.


Something like “BOOMER! YOU DROP THAT RIGHT NOW!”  or “BOOMER!  That’s gross, put that down NOW!”


So you know what I do…I chew it up real fast so Mom can’t have it!!! NO SIREEE!

Chuckle, snort, giggle, laugh out loud!

Once Mom even reached right into my mouth to try to get it, but I swallowed real fast like.

You see this is the season of BEEF JERKY and Milk DUDS!  YUMMMMYYYYYYYYYYY!

Mom, Dad, Fuzzy and I even saw the Fox helping himself to the delicious tidbits of yum.

If I eat too many Mom won’t let me inside, cause, well, sometimes my tummy gets too full and well, it comes right back up!

That really does get me in trouble.  Then I have to sleep outside in the dog house.


You know what I don’t understand….Fuzzy doesn’t like to eat any of that stuff, I mean nothing.  Just turns his nose up and sits there and watches me chow down.  He says I’m making a fool of myself.

Oh, well!


Mom has figured out that if I get a real soup bone from DOWN TOWN then I won’t head out to the field.


Guess what!?  Either way I win!! (Unless I have to sleep outside…then that isn’t so good.  But, what the hay…it’s worth it!)



23 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—‘tis the Season of Great Snacks!

  1. Gorgeous pics – oh do I know what Boomer is up to… the worst was when one of our cavalier King Charles spaniels rolled in a cow pat, and then came home and rolled all over the white counterpane on our bed… he couldn’t think what all the fuss was about !


  2. Boomer, I knew (and loved) a doggy just like you. She’d eat ANYTHING…and just like you she tried to do it real fast without anyone noticing. Hmmmm. You’re not part Labrador are you? You sure do look 100% Beagle…must be something you guys have in common. Be careful with Milk Duds, dude. Chocolate’s not good for you, Mister! Soup bones are waaaaaaaaaay better!


  3. We’ve started to call rabbit and deer dropping “dog candy”. 🙂

    It’s amazing that we spend so much time making sure they have the very best dog food money can buy and then they go out and chow down on anything – as long as they find it outside themselves.


  4. Oh my, Boomer, that is just nasty, BUT, my dog does just like you when she gets the chance! Tore into a baby diaper yesterday!! 😦 Don’t know what to do to you puppies to get you to stop.
    But your Mom is very wise not to let you in!! That looks like a lovely soup bone, so just enjoy that. Fuzzy has the right idea! Makes for a good story, tho. Be careful, Mom will be brushing your teeth soon if you watch out!!



  5. OMGoodness, B. I enjoy a goose candy or two or three every now and then, when Mom isn’t quick enough, but I don’t eat so many that I get a tummy ache. Those yummy treats at your field call for moderation! Plus invite me over. I’d love to try some.

    Love and licks,


  6. My last dog, Duchess, would eat most anything she could get in her mouth…. Reminds me of some humans —who will eat most anything!!! ha..

    Think I’d be more like Fuzzy—so that I could sleep inside!!!

    Have a great weekend.


  7. Hey Boomer! I can think of really worse stuff to get into! I went running out side last night to chase a kitty. One of those black and white ones. It was right outside the door. Direct hit. Right on my pretty white chest. Now there is a big yellow stain and Mom says I’m stinky. I think I’m stinky too. I should take up eating stuff instead of chasing the stripeys !


  8. Ha! Dogs will be dogs! Boomer knows what he likes 🙂 My Keela loves to scratch at the barnyard fence to get at the goat “sprinkles”. What a fine dessert for a dog! However, everything in moderation, Boomer – don’t eat too much!


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