The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Cats


Fuzzy and


I have been busy gathering the smells from around Mom’s old wood, woodpile.


Sam-Sammy-Sam has been also.  Actually he has be stalking the old woodpile area; pacing here and there with that ‘I’m going to find you’ look in his eye.


Monkey (a nine-year-old, almost ALWAYS a house cat) was hanging out with us, as we were helping Mom sort the woodpile—Monkey got extremely nervous and hid –just waiting for Mom to head to house so she could beat Mom there and peel inside quickly.

Hen-tThe Little Buff Hen, who does NOT spend the night in the chicken house anymore, (because Mom only has ONE chicken and the chicken house is too lonely for a 6-year-old hen) acted like there was really nothing to worry about.

She said she was hanging out with Mom so she will always be safe.  (You are safe, Little Hen, because Fuzzy and I are with you!)

Cluck, cluck, purr, yummy, lots of good bugs under the old wood, she cooed.

Since Fuzzy and I have been hanging out here lots; day and night, Mom got to wondering why, so she moved the night camera to find out—


“Oh”, said Mom.  “I see we have more cats.”


“Two more cats.  They must be wild/feral as I have never seen them in the daytime.” She mused.

“No wonder you have that look in your eye, Sammy-Sam.  You need to be careful, Kitty, you aren’t a young cat anymore, you turned 13 this January.”

Harrumph! Sam growled as he turned tail and stalked over to the ditch bank.  I can still hold my own!  Hummm…


this grass is rather nice, I think I’ll just roll around here for a spell and scratch my back…those other cats only come at night, right now isn’t night.  Besides, I usually spend most of my nights in the house next to fireplace…she doesn’t need to be such a worrywart.


“Ahhh, I see the fox is a regular little guest here.  Good thing you are well protected at night little Buff Hen,” Mom said as she bent down a petted the little buff hen.

“You boys keep a sharp look out for the fox; they travel around day or night.  Which, reminds me,” pondered Mom “I’m surprised we even have feral cats with the fox and the coyotes around.”


“UGH!  Now this is one nasty cat, an ‘ol polecat, you need to stay far, far away from this cat all of you!  That means you also, Little Buff Hen!”

You don’t have to worry about that Mom…Fuzzy and I just watch that skunk move through the yard, that’s one cat we do not want to tangle with ever again!

I agree, yelled Fuzzy as he tried to whap his tiny little bobbed tail in the air.


“Well, it’s starting to get evening and I’m getting tired.  Let’s head back to the house and see what I can come up with for supper!  Come on, Little Buff Hen.  It’s your bedtime.”

Cats…I guess Mom knows now, Fuzzy…we have lots of cats!

Just as long as they don’t get near the house, Boomer, we don’t have to do anything about them!

That’s good, Fuzzy, real good!

Oh, look…Yummy canned dog food!

You are right, Boomer…I hate that dry as cardboard crunchy kibble stuff.  I’m glad Mom has moved over to this nicer to chew (swallow, slurp, gulp) food!

Night Everyone!



16 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Cats

  1. rather surprised to see your feral visitors, too! we get them occasionally here – usually a tom that’ll mark in the barn. always surprises me they can evade the coyotes.

    one of our pups encountered a skunk this week. that time of year…


  2. Those feral cats must be pretty fierce not to be lunch for the marauding foxes. Feral cats are the only wildlife we get in our yard besides an occasional gopher which we think the feral cats enjoy eating. Fortunately like you, this activity is done at night.


  3. That night camera is kinda cool. I like the cat peering at the camera. And the stinky kitty. Ugh! Haven’t seen a skunk around here in long time. Thank goodness.


  4. Cute post –about all of your Sweeties, Linda, AND the other night visitors… Hope Boomer and Fuzzy stay FAR away from that skunk….. ha

    Your old hen and the cat seem very content with their lives —and you certainly take good care of them–along with Boomer and Fuzzy… They are LUCKY critters.



  5. I love your little buff hen! Six years old as well – she must be a special much loved member of the family. I can see why you’d want to keep her safe from Mr Fox.

    Woodpiles always scared me back home because they harboured spiders (especially the dreaded red back spider) and snakes. When eight of the world’s ten deadliest snakes live in your neighbourhood, you learn to be wary. Here in Sweden, the woodpile is seen often as a condo for insects!


  6. I wonder if the reason you just saw them is someone dumped them there. 😦 I don’t like people who do that.
    Glad everyone is doing okay!
    I’d like to give our cat’s canned cat food all the time, but it is just so expensive. they get it at as a treat though. 🙂
    Have a wonderful Sunday!


  7. You boys are deserving of lotsa TLC the way you patrol the woodpile and yard. Good job!
    But be wary of that ‘ol skunk- I think they may like to be under woodpiles.


  8. Oh boy, what a lot of action going on in near that woodpile! Lucky little hen that she has you fellows looking out for her.
    I’m sure you’re also looking out for your poor Mom and her hurt foot too.
    Bye for now 🙂 xx


  9. Cute story about Fuzzy and Boomer, Linda. Loved the pictures of the cats and also that of the fox! I’m surprised they are all co-existing! 🙂 I know I haven’t visited in a long time. I had some problems last year that were finally resolved, and I was very scattered in my blogging. Trying to do much better this year, make sure I keep up with all my friends, and enjoy myself. Hoping to get to Colorado in August!


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