Visual Gifts — April 28, 2014

Today our youngest daughter turns 37….it just seems like yesterday she was a tiny tot.

We are still very cold…I mean very cold!  Although, it’s sunny and bright (which helps) the wind is terrible and very cold.  It’s like being in January all over again.  If the weather people are right, by Sunday we will be in the 80s…I can handle that! 🙂


A rainbow did appear as the sun came out from behind the clouds!  I love seeing rainbows.

HillsideAnyway, while we were up at the upper end we saw another wonder of nature….


Desert Evening Primroses were everywhere….the moisture and the weather must be just right for these to pop into bloom.  It’s been several years since we’ve seen them!

Although we are terribly cold…I’m now down to raiding my scrap heap for wood —(I refuse to open up the wood that is being seasoned for next winter) ….the earth and the skies have given us gifts untold!


Lucky us And you!

From a cold windy land a cherry Good Morning!



22 thoughts on “Visual Gifts — April 28, 2014

  1. Happy birthday to 37 year young daughter…..and may the sun shine brightly on your farm…and may the wind bring you some logs in a nice neat pile…and may your life be full of a wonderful future, and keep warm


  2. Pretty little primroses! We used to have them here, but have not seen any in quite some time. Your pictures are so pretty…I love rainbows, too! Sure hope it warms up soon for you.



  3. Wild flowers are the best.

    This is the time of year I usually have the air conditioner services, but we are still using the furnace at night. I want warm weather back


  4. Ah—love the Primroses. How pretty!!!! I think we are getting some of your cold weather this weekend… BUT–I’ll take it over these tornado warnings we have gone through here today. SCARY.


  5. Evening Primroses look a lot like Bitterroot which is the state flower of Montana. Except the primroses are white not pink. Both flowers grow in desert conditions and show all over the place in the spring when conditions are just right. A gift.


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