Still Cold and Windy —- April 29, 2014

What a cold and windy day we had yesterday…and the day before….and again today!  I’m holding onto the hope that calmer weather is heading in by the weekend.  It sure needs too.

Some of the sweet corn has already been planted (no, we don’t raise sweet corn), but that that drew the early lottery already have the seed in the ground, just waiting for the weather to warm up before they put the water to the seed.  Sweet corn harvest is timed to come off every two weeks starting around the 4th of July and ending in late September.  Those that get the extremely early or the extremely late lottery always have a crap shoot going in…weather (the house) can be the winner in most cases.


The wind blew gusts of 40 m.p.h most of the day until late in the night, slowing down some, but back up again this morning.  The weather people say to expect 35 m.p.h. gusts today.  Freeze warning are in effect until Wednesday at 10 a.m.   I’m pretty sure the fruit is all gone…I just don’t know how it could make it through all of this wind and extreme cold.


This Boomer on the run…he didn’t come when called so he had to hurry in behind me.

Mom-and-FuzzyFuzz always waits for me.  He used to like to get out and chase the water, but not anymore.


Back home the cats know just what it takes to make life good


Now what more could you ask for? 🙂


Still all in all I thought the sunset was a perfect spot of Bling at the end of the day!




16 thoughts on “Still Cold and Windy —- April 29, 2014

  1. Celi is also having cold windy weather and battening everything down. Bongo dog had snow..whatever is happening to the weather..its time for summer. Hope that you are ok.


  2. Your cat definitely knows how to relax at home. I’m sorry to hear that the wind and cold has continued. We had lots of wind here yesterday, but the severe storms were because it was so warm, not cold. We’re supposed to get another round this afternoon. I can hardly wait — NOT!


  3. Hi Linda, what a beautiful sunset! I agree – this wind is awful! And the temps, burrr. But it does sound as though there is relief/heat in sight! Sapose to be near 70° this weekend. Yeppie! Hugs to the pups! And kitties too!


  4. We’ve had way too much wind here this year too….I’m almost getting immune to it and forget what it’s like NOT to have it blow……maybe the rest of the year will be wind LESS 😉


  5. Mother Nature is not being very good to most of us right now… Sorry about your extreme cold and wind… We have had severe storms and wind (but not the cold this time)… BUT–we did get 4 inches of rain yesterday.. Luckily though, today was calm!!!! I love April —but I don’t like the threat of tornadoes and storms… Hope your weather improves soon.


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