Winter Came within a Wailing Wind Storm —- Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Snow came in the night, starting out like rain/sleet/ then snow

Not masses of snowflakes but enough that one is surprised to look out the window on an October Day.

The wind chill is the worst.

The day before, in a crisp, sharp, gusting wind (no rain, no snow, just strong wind)

We tackled part of the woodpile,

Splitting a nice little stack amid the swirl of leaves and twigs

Which is keeping us warm, while the malevolence of the nasty wind stripped the rest of the leaves from all the trees.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Visual Gifts — April 28, 2014

Today our youngest daughter turns 37….it just seems like yesterday she was a tiny tot.

We are still very cold…I mean very cold!  Although, it’s sunny and bright (which helps) the wind is terrible and very cold.  It’s like being in January all over again.  If the weather people are right, by Sunday we will be in the 80s…I can handle that! 🙂


A rainbow did appear as the sun came out from behind the clouds!  I love seeing rainbows.

HillsideAnyway, while we were up at the upper end we saw another wonder of nature….


Desert Evening Primroses were everywhere….the moisture and the weather must be just right for these to pop into bloom.  It’s been several years since we’ve seen them!

Although we are terribly cold…I’m now down to raiding my scrap heap for wood —(I refuse to open up the wood that is being seasoned for next winter) ….the earth and the skies have given us gifts untold!


Lucky us And you!

From a cold windy land a cherry Good Morning!



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Going for a Walk

I’m doing better, Thank you all for your magic thoughts!

Walk-3I even am able to go for walks with my humans and with Boomer.


We saw Freddy Fox on the walk


and I even RAN a little bit and barked with Boomer.  Freddy yellowed/baked back at us.



We are still cold… the days are warming up to around 22* but very quickly sliding back down.  As soon as it hits 22* Mom has us out the door and heading out for a walk.  She said 22* feels almost balmy.


(I think she is sick or something…22* is, well 22* and that is cold!)


Boomer has to wear his coat whenever he is outside, but I have two coats already built in so I never have to wear a coat.

Coat1Mom has been told that I look like a cross between a Border collie and a Sheltie, because of my fur.  My personality, it the best of both breeds, even if I do say so myself!’!


(Mom agrees with me, Boomer says whatever I am I’m just the bestest ever.  I really like Boomer!)


Anyway, here is what the shadows look like around 2-3 in the afternoon


and then what they look like when

4-ocMom takes her 4 o’clock photo.

The Last day of December our Day length was 9 hours and 30 minutes. Today, January 4, 2013 the day length is 9 hours and 33 minutes…we have increase by THREE WHOLE MINUTES!!!! YIPPEE!!  The sun gets up at 7:31 and goes to sleep at 5:03.  The real noon (Solar noon) is 12:17.

Here is the temperatures at 6 in the morning


The after the sun gets up at 8 in the morning

8My operation date has changed, but we will keep you informed as Mom, Boomer and I really appreciate your Magic Thoughts!

Thank you so much,


Fuzzy Doddle McDoodle “Dude” Brown