Happy Birthday to Me–Fuzzy–June 26, 2014

This month I turned Fourteen!  How cool is that!   Everyday has been a great birthday day! Mom gives me special treats because she isn’t really sure what exact day is my day of birth.


Boomer and go everywhere with Mom…I MEAN EVERYWHERE!!!

We went swimming down in the Roubidoux River one day (all of Shannon’s pack went with us)  Boomer doesn’t like to swim so he had to hang on the side of the river with Mom.  Mom doesn’t swim either.


Then Dad took us up to the lake on Twenty Five Mesa, which is on the Uncompahgre Plateau…that was more than way cool.

Right now we are helping Dad fix the swather…second cutting of hay is coming up so the swather has to be ready to cut.


I hang out in the shade of the four-wheeler and Boomer searches out the news


At one point Mom had to go back over to the house to get some tools for Dad…Mom called for Boomer, but he ignored her!


We even stopped and talked to Hank Puff.  We didn’t stay long because Dad was waiting.

Boomer didn’t come when Mom called so I got to ride all the way back BY MY SELF!!!! HEHEHEHEHEH!!!

Sickle-barThat’s the sickle bar.

We also go irrigating every time…all the time.

DamsSee I sit on the four-wheeler while Mom and Dad do the work.  What we are waiting for is the extra water from the other field to make it down to this field.  Dad and Mom set up many little dams so the siphon tubes have enough water to suck the water from the cement ditch into the field.  Dad has water in the alfalfa field (in this photo) and part of the water in one of the corn fields, and the rest of the water (as it is starting to leave our place) in the pinto bean field.  My folks work at using (never wasting) any of the water that comes onto the place.

The water costs more than the taxes for the farm so they are V.E.R.Y. careful to not waste the water.  Once the water makes it through our place it heads back into the canal and goes to the next farm just across the road from us.

Almost-stormThe sky (last night) looked like we just might get a rain storm.  We didn’t.

That works for me…I don’t like thunder and lightening storms.

Well, Dad had a meeting last night so it was just Mom, Boomer, and I to change the water.

I had to laugh out loud because this time when Mom called and said: “Let’s go, Boomer!  Time to move on!”


Boomer took her seriously!  He didn’t want to be left again like he was earlier today!

What a goofy pup he is!  Still, no matter what, he is my Best Friend!

Outside of Mom, that is!

A Fourteen Year Old Farm Dog…and Proud of it!

Fuzzy Dude MacDoodle Brown



25 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me–Fuzzy–June 26, 2014

  1. Happy Birthday, Fuzzy! I think it’s great that you get to celebrate your birthday all month. I know you do a wonderful job of staying by Mom when you’re out working. I got a chuckle from that picture of Boomer racing to get back so he wouldn’t be left behind again.


  2. Everybody needs a goofy pup for a best friend. You’re very lucky Boomer. And I love your full name. I’ver never heard it before. You must be very proud of it. Personally, I’m fascinated by how your Mom and Dad manage water use and conservation. So cool.


  3. Happy Birthday, Fuzzy! You and my pup Chloe share the same birthday – she is 7 years old today! I hope you get lots and lots of treats!


  4. Happy Birthday, Fuzzy! I know a lot of friends who have “Birthday Month”, so I think you should, too! Treats everyday! Party hats!! Well, maybe not party hats. Lord only knows where Boomer would lose his!


  5. Happy Birthday Fuzzy! You look great! Maybe someday I will be as wise as you are and look as dignified as you do. Fuzzy, you should write a book! Full of stories about being a farm dog, and all your friends, and things that are important for farm/ranch dogs to know. It would be a really good book!
    The Gus


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