My Day is Filled With Bird Song — June 29, 2014

Early-summer-colorsI have always had lots of birds here.  Most times they could be a nuisance…by flying into the chicken house trying to steal the chicken’s feed.  A chicken raiser really doesn’t want wild birds in the chicken house with the chickens; birds transfer diseases to each other so it’s best to try and keep them separated.

My chickens lived in a great house with a covered pen that kept them safe from the many predators that abound.  But every afternoon my hens ran free until the sun started falling and they put themselves to bed.  They had the best of both worlds, protected house and run and free range from noon until bedtime.

GardenOver time I learned to feed the wild birds so they would stay out of the hen house.  I created a place just for the wild birds so the hens would stay out of the bird seed.  It worked very well.

RedLast winter (after my last hen died) I decided that I didn’t want to raise chickens anymore.  Maybe later, but for now I don’t.  Anyway, after making that decision I expanded my bird feeding stations inviting as many wild birds that want to dine with us that is possible.

Clouds-1Today I have many, many different types of birds (I am not very good with the bird species so I won’t go into listing them) but I do have a few favorites.  A huge flock of Red-Winged Black Birds has left the cattails in the Back Forty to peck and scratch at my little bird station. I love their calls.

Then there is the Western Meadow Larks….that have left the fence lines to come partake of the rich goodies out there.

Of course the wonderful Robins… wake us up and sing to us all the day long.  Right now they are feasting on the mulberries and the sour cherries that are ripe, or trying to ripe.  The Robins really don’t give them a chance to turn really red.

We have many others, Ringed-Necked Doves, ( I miss the Mourning Doves of a few years ago), sparrows of all sorts, and the other little brown feathered birds that fly with them.

I have feeders out for the House Finches so they don’t have to share with the many other little brown feathered birds.

I relish these warm days full of bird song.  Winter is rather sparse with only Starlings, Crows, Ravens and the brown feathered hoard.  I leave my winters open day and night even if it is extremely hot…I want to soak up every day of Spring, Summer and Fall that I can.  Winter is extremely long to me.

BuddiesToday is a day (Sunday)  we only do what is necessary.  This evening our oldest daughter, Shannon, is have a pot-luck cook out.  We will all slather on bug stuff and enjoy visiting with each other.  It won’t be long now before Kelly and Misty and the kids leave for Craig, Colorado, so we must experience as much as possible before they move!

Clouds-2I hope you have a great Sunday!

Your friend,



16 thoughts on “My Day is Filled With Bird Song — June 29, 2014

  1. I don’t put feeder out but have robins, ringed neck doves, redwing black birds, magpies, eastern and western king birds and several more. I miss the mourning doves too. Seem like since the ringed neck doves the mourning doves left. We also have several hawks and there is always my golden eagle.


  2. We have to put up our feeders each night because of the ‘critters’ around, so the birds wake us up early each morning demanding that Betsy’s Bird Kitchen open up so they can have breakfast. It is a pretty great way to wake up. Enjoy your day with the family.


  3. I just want to take this Sunday morning opportunity to say Thank You and tell you just how much I appreciate your blog – with everything you (and Terry) have to get done everyday this time of year you still manage to keep us close and bring Beauty into our day with your pictures. With much love I send hugs and thanks!!


  4. We have a lot of birds who come down from the mountains to spend winters here. I don’t feed them because I have a whole buffet of insects and weed seeds in my yard. And there are a lot of feral cats hanging around. But the birds all seem to be well fed anyway.


  5. So lucky. I miss lots of birdsong. I put out a seed feeder but it went unvisited. There ARE birds around here, but there is also a cat who lives next door…. I miss the dawn chorus of the countryside.


  6. My favorite is the mockingbird. All the different songs it sings is just amazing…however, there is one that has decided to perch itself in the tree outside my bedroom window at 3am in the morning, and sings it’s little heart out. I’m not such a fan at that point! lol


  7. Enjoy the family time … soaked in Eau de Bug Spray! We don’t go anyplace much here in Alaska without it believe me! You have wonderful birds and no wonder — all those great places for them to dine. I’m sure they’re telling all their friends about the wonderful restaurants at your Colorado Farm!


  8. So glad you are able to enjoy a wider variety of birds with the chickens gone now. I’ll bet you miss “real” eggs though. 🙂
    You must be dreading the g’kids leaving. 😦 Maybe they can spend summers with you?


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