Gossip Talk Loud and Clear —-Tuesday, September 24, 2019

“The Best Teachers are the Ones Who Tell you Where to Look, but do Not Tell You what to See.”

In the Fall the Crows and Ravens arrive

They are amazing creatures…never holding their tongue.  Talk, talk, talk, there among the tired and worn leaves.

For, if they know it! They tell it!


Gossipy birds! 🙂

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— Birds and Other Things Friday, September 20, 2019

Mom and I have taken to long walks.  Well, longer than normal.

We have to be careful because Mindy cat wants to walk with us and Mom doesn’t want Mindy to get side-tracked; stay out on the farm, and become COYOTE FOOD!

So, Mom puts Mindy in the house then we go out!

And about.

Looking for BIRDS!

(And other things.)

Sometimes Mom,

Mindy, and I go out at night.

That’s when Mom likes to take photos of the Moon…in every stage of the Moon’s growth.

Sometimes Mom will even get a photo of a wild creature…

like the Raccoons, who live in the hollow of the Willow tree and like to eat Mom’s tomatoes!

Although Mom personally has never gotten a photo of the Raccoons, she did put up a game camera so the game camera could get a photo of the raccoons.

(Photo from Mom’s archives)

The wild geese are plentiful now.  Three large skeins have flown over our heads, even while I write to you.

Soon the Sandhill Cranes will be here.  Mom says the big birds are back early…she thinks we will have an early winter.

But until then, there is still stuff to do in warm Autumn days!

Boomer Beaglie Brown (a.k.a. Sherlock)



More Signs of Fall Heading Our Way — Monday, August 19, 2019

(From Pinterest)

I honestly have a very simple life.

It is made up of very uncomplicated things

(Photo by our daughter, Shannon, with her phone)

Nature and the process of living within nature and (I know some will be surprised by this) working with nature.

For you honestly can not farm if you set out to ‘do it your way’ instead of the way nature wants it.

So, just for information only, here is another sign of the turning of summer into autumn…the corn birds.

They come in huge flocks eating the pollen and bugs from off the tassels of the corn.  This doesn’t hurt the corn, the ears are made and are now ripening.

(Photo from my archives)

The Crows and the Ravens are starting to return.  We hear them calling in the trees and see them as they fly, on great black wings, over the farmyard and crops.

The days are growing shorter; the sun setting by 8:00 p.m.

Still, the earth is warm, it hasn’t grown weary of summer (yet).  The days are bright, with the nights cooling down to nice sleeping temperature.

There is still time.

To enjoy the gift of summer!

From my heart to your world,



This One is About the Birds—-Tuesday, April 23, 2019

On my walk, last evening three cranes settled down.  They seem to have decided to stay here instead of migrating.

Works for me!

The crows are working the farm over for something to eat

They are hard to photograph as they scatter quicklyy

Yesterday was lovely and warm so I put out two hummingbird feeders

Within twenty minutes I had a little Blackchin male followed quickly by his mate. (The photo is terrible; they were very shy and I couldn’t get a good shot)

As the evening started to fall down upon the earth the little birds took to their nighttime perch.  For some reason, they have roosted here all fall, winter and they are still roosting in the large rose bush.

As the night grows darker they flutter way deep inside.


This morning on the way to the headgate

a pheasant took off in front of us

And joyfully, joyfully…the last of the birds has arrived!  The Barn Swallows!

We are on our way to much warmer weather!


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


We Woke-Up to a Fairy World—Sunday, January 10, 2016

Yesterday we had a wee melt. Complete with dashes of sunshine here and there, off and on!

Frost-6It was lovely.  Boomer and I walked in slush, and mud, and even on some dry spots.

Frost-3Later that afternoon, Terry, Boomer and I took a four-wheeler ride to the rocky hill. The chilled air knifing back in a shower of tiny bits of snow from the wheels of Terry’s four-wheeler, causing Boomer to snuggle up tight against me.  I found this comforting-his warm body smashed against my back.

Our farm and the neighboring farms were a winter painting, cows dotting the landscape far and away.  As we sat there, the sun hanging low in the sky, the silence was broken by a murder of crows, settling down on the farm, actually on the corn still standing in the fields, for their supper.

Frost-2Then over night the air cooled allowing us to wake up to a

Frost-1Winter wonderland.  It was lovely.  A vision of frost draping everything in it’s path. Life in the middle of a frozen cloud.

It’s all gone now…warmed up and melted away.  A winter fairy-land.

Your friend, in January, on a farm, on the western side of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.  🙂




The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—Harvest

The end of Summer has arrived!

Pink-1Fuzzy doesn’t have any swallows to bark at anymore, but the crows have returned so he barks at them.

It goes something like this:


Bark, bark, bark, bark!

You silly dog, you can’t hurt us!

You silly crow, I can let the world know you are here!

You funny old dog, they already know!

You funny crow, I don’t care…I’m still going to bark at you!

And so it goes…..

Fuzzy and I love the busy season! Well, to be honest, Fuzzy and I love EVERY SEASON!!!

Bean-HarvestDad is out pulling the pinto beans.

Pulled-BeansThat is step ONE (!) in the process of harvesting pinto beans.  When Dad comes in Mom, Fuzzy and I will go out and fork the pinto bean ends back.  After that Dad will come through and blade the beans.

Step TWO…blading the beans.  First they are pulled out of the ground and laid in neat rows, then a blade comes back under them lifting them up into fluffy rows to dry.


All of this has to be done early in the morning or the pinto beans will shatter out of their little shells.  That works for Fuzzy and I —later in the day it gets HOT!  We spend lots of time panting, while Mom works, as it is.  Mom says she gets warmed up so she doesn’t need a jacket.  Dad has to wear a jacket because he says it’s a little cold on the tractor.

Step 3 with the Pinto Beans will be to combine them.  Mom and Dad are STILL working on the combine.  THEY HAD BETTER GET DONE SOON!!!

Step 4 will be to haul the pinto beans to the Beanery, with Step 5 selling them!

(But step 2-5 is still to come.  We are still on step ONE!)

After Mom and I get the bean ends forked onto the rows, we will head up to the alfalfa field, which is now a HAY field.   Up there we will roll and straighten the bales.  Fuzzy doesn’t go up there anymore.  He says it’s just too hot and tiring; he stays home in the shade.

Once the bales are set in a straight row Dad comes along and loads them in the stack wagon and takes them to the hay yard.  By that time Mom and I are done.

I’m always ready for DONE as that is even HOTTER work.

Later in the day…sometime after lunch Mom and I go down to Misty’s and work in her yard.  Mom is painting the fence while the sprinklers madly fling water onto the lawn and the soakers soak into the ground under the bushes.

Mom says we have to keep the yard watered so off we go. Fuzzy doesn’t like to go down there either.  He says the morning has tired him out.  That is okay…we just let Fuzzy rest, after all he IS fourteen years old, that’s pretty old in Mom’s years!

As soon as we get all the hay in we will start water on the hay field…once we do that the field will become an Alfalfa Field.  How neat is that?

Waiting-for-meDad checked the field corn yesterday…the corn is starting to dent.  If a dog was to eat the corn now it would be hard to chew. (Fuzzy and I love corn, we sometimes go out and grab one or two ears and haul them back into the yard for a snack.)

“Hummmm”, said Dad.  “One more irrigation and we are done irrigating the corn. All that we have to do is let it all dry down until it’s bone dry.  Then we will start the harvest on it.”


Later in the afternoon Mom works in our yard…she says the weeds are taking over!!  We like it when Mom is working in our yard.  We stay right by her as she pulls and hauls and deadheads and whatever else she is doing.  Sammy-Sam the cat stays with us.  Often-times he rides in the wheelbarrow while Mom moves from here to there.

NapsWell, Fuzzy says I really need to come help him; he has an important job for me.


See ya soon!



My Day is Filled With Bird Song — June 29, 2014

Early-summer-colorsI have always had lots of birds here.  Most times they could be a nuisance…by flying into the chicken house trying to steal the chicken’s feed.  A chicken raiser really doesn’t want wild birds in the chicken house with the chickens; birds transfer diseases to each other so it’s best to try and keep them separated.

My chickens lived in a great house with a covered pen that kept them safe from the many predators that abound.  But every afternoon my hens ran free until the sun started falling and they put themselves to bed.  They had the best of both worlds, protected house and run and free range from noon until bedtime.

GardenOver time I learned to feed the wild birds so they would stay out of the hen house.  I created a place just for the wild birds so the hens would stay out of the bird seed.  It worked very well.

RedLast winter (after my last hen died) I decided that I didn’t want to raise chickens anymore.  Maybe later, but for now I don’t.  Anyway, after making that decision I expanded my bird feeding stations inviting as many wild birds that want to dine with us that is possible.

Clouds-1Today I have many, many different types of birds (I am not very good with the bird species so I won’t go into listing them) but I do have a few favorites.  A huge flock of Red-Winged Black Birds has left the cattails in the Back Forty to peck and scratch at my little bird station. I love their calls.

Then there is the Western Meadow Larks….that have left the fence lines to come partake of the rich goodies out there.

Of course the wonderful Robins… wake us up and sing to us all the day long.  Right now they are feasting on the mulberries and the sour cherries that are ripe, or trying to ripe.  The Robins really don’t give them a chance to turn really red.

We have many others, Ringed-Necked Doves, ( I miss the Mourning Doves of a few years ago), sparrows of all sorts, and the other little brown feathered birds that fly with them.

I have feeders out for the House Finches so they don’t have to share with the many other little brown feathered birds.

I relish these warm days full of bird song.  Winter is rather sparse with only Starlings, Crows, Ravens and the brown feathered hoard.  I leave my winters open day and night even if it is extremely hot…I want to soak up every day of Spring, Summer and Fall that I can.  Winter is extremely long to me.

BuddiesToday is a day (Sunday)  we only do what is necessary.  This evening our oldest daughter, Shannon, is have a pot-luck cook out.  We will all slather on bug stuff and enjoy visiting with each other.  It won’t be long now before Kelly and Misty and the kids leave for Craig, Colorado, so we must experience as much as possible before they move!

Clouds-2I hope you have a great Sunday!

Your friend,



Thursday, November 14, 2013 — The Sandhill Cranes Have arrived

The winter birds have arrived….we are seeing daily crows and ravens  (Although, those birds live here year-round they don’t stay close to the farms) and the ever present flocks of  sparrows and starlings.  We have others but these are the majority of the birds.  The owls are back in the tops of our trees sending their soft hoo-hoos into the night.


The air is full of the sound of Sandhill Cranes…we have lots and lots of them —-I mean lots!


They are looking for certain fields, landing in one and then leaving and then landing in another


Where the Canada Geese used to be we now have the cranes.

I’m not complaining…I enjoy both of the bird types.

Cranes-4As winter progresses we will start to see the birds species mixing, but for now…for the beginning of things they won’t share. Most of the Canada Geese are hanging out at the water places, the rivers and Confluence Lake and small ponds.

I hope to get closer to these really shy birds to try and get a really nice shots of the birds.

I also hope they come closer to the house so I can watch them right out the window, that would be fun!

Anyway, we are taking the day off today…no real work..tomorrow we start back up again.

Have a good one everyone,

Your Friend,  Linda

In the Land of Wind

We were looking at one of the several really cool musuems in Texas when we came upon this display. 

Although, we were in Texas the artifact came out of Colorado…the tip of eastern Colorado.

Completely out wire (that is a very fake and very dusty crow)

This is the other nest!

Really very amazing birds!