The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—A Report of the Land

Boomer—Reporter @ Large That’s me!  The official reporter for the Farm.  Our Colorado Farm, that is! SwelterMom and I have been working in the hay field…whew! It’s a bazillion degrees out there! The-Fort Mom told Fuzzy he really needed to stay home and hold down the fort.  He needed to stay where it was cool and nice.   (I told Fuzzy he was actually lucky, it was miserable out there.  He didn’t believe me.  But it was, it really was!) Off-to-work That evening Mom brought Fuzzy along with us to change water…the corn is starting to tassel out…see the little ears…each one of those silky brown things hanging on the ear will soon be pollinated by the corn tassel creating a golden juicy kernel of corn goodness. Tasseling-out(This is NOT sweet corn, this is hard dent corn used for animal feed and for making corn meal—Mom does have sweet corn for the house, but it is just for our use, not to sell.) Ride-in-the-truckBlade came over and spent the night with us.  We all went with Dad to check on a house… SmilseMom and Blade rode in the back of the pick-up with Fuzzy and I…we had a BLAST! Clever-ToadFuzzy and I have a toad that lives UNDER our dog houses in a cool little hole/tunnel thingy.  He comes out in the evening or whenever Mom is watering.  I like to put my nose on him and feel his funny skin…feels sorts of cool and leathery like Fuzzy’s nose! Road-in-the-cornSometimes I still forget to come when Mom calls: ‘HEAD Home, Boomer! We are heading home now! Hurry Up Come ON!’ When that happens I run LIKE THE WINNNNNNNNNND!  Just as fast as my Beagle legs can take me….so far I’ve been able to catch up and ride the rest of the way.  Mom always stops and lets me get on the Four-Wheeler. Always.GardenYesterday we had a huge thunder storm complete with lightening and rain.  It got Mom and Fuzzy and I wet since we were out checking the water when the wind blew it up.  We knew it was around as we could see the crash and flash of the lighting; we still had to check water so out we went. WET! Very wet! But it did feel nice! Working-in-the-ahy-field (Mom and Dad hope we don’t get any more rain since there are still 100 bales out in the field…the bales have to dry in the field ‘now’ before they can be hauled into the stack.) Resting Thanks for reading…I think I’ll take myself off and have a little lay-down. Setting water at Dawn We’ve been up and doing since 5 in the morning. I need to catch a little shut-eye before we head back up to check the tubes. Boomer


17 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—A Report of the Land

  1. I wonder if you got the same storm we had? It was wild, but only lasted a few hours. We got 3/10th of rain. It smelled so so good! It was wild crazy storm. But such a relief. Now the temps are headed back up towards the 100’s again!
    The girls and I were in the barn with 3 horses getting shoes on. Didn’t seem to bother any of them! Thank goodness!


  2. Nice Boomer! Glad you guys got some rain – even if the bales were still in the field. :-/ Cool things off for just a little bit. Fuzzy & Boomer – stay cool!


  3. Thank you for your great report, Boomer! You do a great job! I’m glad Fuzzy stayed in a cool spot…the heat bothers this old lady, too. Be careful in the heat….glad the rain cooled things down a bit for you. Hopefully you get the hay in before anymore rains come. The corn looks great, too. Sure some of the sweet corn comes down my way. I’m ready for some fresh sweet corn!



  4. Boomer, keep running that farm. Your people and Fuzzy need all the help they can get this time of year. Love the look of those corn tassles. I’m also glad your rain storm wasn’t as nasty as OUR rain storm. Fortunately for our farmer our cloud burst seemed to focus on our town; unfortunately for our town.


  5. Great post. You are all soooo busy no wonder Boomer needs a little lie down. Fingers crossed for the hay bales and corn. We are in a very warm spell – the farmer’s here in Devon, England are having to work extra hard to keep up – but I think their haymaking is going well even if thir sleeping isn’t.


  6. Please could you answer a query I have about corn? I am growing a few sweetcorn plants and have noticed that some tassels are red and some are white. Do you know why this is? I’d be grateful for any help.


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