The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—Under a Timeless Sky

IdyllicIt was a beautiful idyllic day.


Just close your eyes and imagine, with Boomer and me,…a timeless scene on a very rural farm somewhere, anywhere, the perfect place, with lovely crops growing lush and green, the sky a serenely blue– dotted with huge fluffy clouds.

Boomer-readyNearby, Boomer is resting on the cool stones of the patio, almost asleep, but keeping an eye on Mom who is feeding the wild birds. Back and forth she goes…moving here and there…back and forth, back and……………….fffoooooooooorth.Dozing

I’m resting under the pick-up truck …gradually, ever so gradually my eyes are closing…time is unfettered allowing……………….ahhhhhhhhh


Suddenly I hear Mom say!

“Up Boys, we need to get up to the sweet corn patch before it gets too hot!  Today is the day to pick, freeze and can sweet corn!”


“Let’s go!”

ooomp, snort, uck!!!! Sputter!

We are up and ready to go!

Wagging our tails has hard as we can (I only have a tiny stump but it wags just fine, Thank you) we follow Mom to the back of the pick-up truck and wait while she unlocks the tail gate.  Then she first lifts me up…I’m always first!  Always!  I’m the oldest and the smartest and the First at all things ….always!  Then she picks up Boomer and puts him in the back.  (She has to pick up Boomer so he doesn’t hurt his knee again.  Remember his knee blew out a while back.  It’s healed now, but Mom doesn’t want ‘another’ accident to happen to his knee)

OffWe are OFF!


First bunch!  (I thought Mom said we were going up to the sweet corn patch BEFORE it got hot!)

My heavens, this is miserable…pant, pant, slurp, pant, pant

“You boys want down?”


What!?!?! You kidding?  You put us down and we might have to walk home. It’s hot already…I’m not walking home in this heat!

“We are almost done, Guys! Only a few more, I can see the end of the row finally.”

Hey, Fuzzy! I’m glad it’s only 6 in the morning, it’s hot already.  Can you imagine what 9 or 10 would have been like?

Mom’s just as hot as us, Boom.  We’ll just stick it out a little longer I can’t imagine she will continue to stay out here.

DONE!!!  Yippee!  Heading home again!

Hey, Fuzz!


Who cares if it was hot…the ride up and back is just the


WheeeeeYou got that right, Boomer!

You gotta do a little sweat’n to have a whole lot of fun!




17 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—Under a Timeless Sky

  1. Cute post…. SO–you are the smartest, Fuzzy???? My oldest son would probably say that HE is the smartest just ’cause he’s the oldest… SO–I suppose you are right!!!!

    That Sweet Corn looks wonderful. We finally got some of that delicious Olatha corn at Kroger’s this past week… We went back 3 times since it is so popular and sold out the 1st two times before we finally got a bunch…. It truly is better than any of the local corn we get in this area….

    Hope you didn’t sweat too much, Fuzzy (and Boomer)…. The long summer is coming to an end and in a few months, you’ll be lying inside beside the wood stove to stay warm!!!!! ha



  2. Love those fuzzy and boomer stories…..they always make me smile….and sometimes laugh out loud. Love the picture of those guys in the back of the truck loaded with corn! soooo cute. You’re a great writer Linda!!! Enjoy the weekend!


  3. Fun stuff! Wish that sweet corn field was a little closer. You”f have to share. Well, you’d have a paying customer. We have to grow ours in our garden or get what’s shipped in from Utah.


  4. My goodness, that is beautiful corn Fuzzy! I’m glad you and Boom got to go along and help. Luckily for you, you get to stay outside in the cool soil while Mom (and dad?) have to be inside with the heat from canning corn.
    Hey, tell your momma that I LOVE the header picture of the moonrise above the corn.


  5. Fuzzy, tell you mom that her flowers are absolutely gorgeous! It was good of you and Boomer to go out to the corn patch and stand guard while mom picks the corn, even if you got a little hot. Then you got a cool ride and then to snooze in the shade. That sweet corn looks so yummy, don’t you wish you were human and get to eat some?!

    Take care and don’t work too hard….blessings!


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