Rain and a New Bow, September 10, 2014

The header is a photo of the sunrise after our amazing, extremely wet, rain storm.


Thankfully the storm is moving on today and warm dry weather is predicated for at least seven more days.  The above photo is the rain socking us in; some places got as much as 3″ in an hour!  Our canal is clear to the brim; swollen with water.

Rain-2It’s for sure we are wet.

The hay is covered and safe, but the pinto beans are…in the mud!

Rain-3What happens now?  We wait until eveything dries back out.  Then Terry will go in with the rod-weeder and lift the pinto beans up out of the mud and dirt and fluff up the rows again.  Then we wait until they are dry.  After that he should be able to combine.

Gift-2Terry gave Linkin a new compound bow.  She is just getting the feel of it here.  Proper form is to have your hand close to your cheek and your other arm level with the hand next to your cheek.

Gift-1She LOVES it!  We had to go out first thing this morning (even in the mud) to give it another go at using it.

She and her Momma will leave later on today!

The visit was a nice treat,for this Grammy and Grandpa, in the middle of a very wet week.

Your friend,





17 thoughts on “Rain and a New Bow, September 10, 2014

  1. Linkin sure looks happy with her new bow. I’ll bet it won’t be long before she gets the hang of it. It’s too bad you have to start over drying the pinto beans. Hopefully the rain will stay away until you get them in.


  2. That is a very professional looking bow. I’m sure she will have a lot of enjoyment practicing her skills. Sure wish we had some of your rain, but that is getting boring to hear from me, I’m sure.


  3. Your header is beautiful!! Glad Linkin got to come and Grandpa got to give her his gift! It looks like a really nice compound bow. I used to love archery until arthritis settled in my shoulders. I know she will love using this! I know you enjoyed their visit.

    Wow! 3″ in an hour is just too, too fast! It took me almost 24 hours to get that much last week. Hope the beans dry out soon and you can get them harvested before the next rain. Will you irrigate the alfalfa now?


  4. Oh no! The beans! Fingers crossed they dry out OK and you don’t lose the crop. Cute girly pink bow – I always preferred a recurve myself, but these days my arthritis would demand the easier pull on a compound. You’re right about the stance, but if she gets the arrow somewhere in the target, she’s made a good start!


  5. 3″ in an hour? Wow. Would be wow if you had the beans up. We are so dry here is gross.
    Started picking out our replacement heifers today. Should finish up tomorrow. Then we can get the other heifers on the market and sold.
    What an awesome bow! And it’s pink! Love it! 🙂


  6. Sorry to read that the hay is wet but would have loved to get rain for CA. It did rain, according to some of my friends and the news, but mostly flash floods in the south and not enough to help with the Yosemite fire.


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