The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—a Great Find

I’ve been helping Mom.  I help Mom ALL the TIME!!!  Sometimes I’m so close to Mom she trips over me… 😦  Not good!  Mom doesn’t yell at me but she does say: “BOOMER!!! You have to stop being so close! You are going to get us both hurt”!

I just smile at her and wag my tail.  I won’t get us both hurt!  Shish! Mom is such a worry-wart.

Helping-in-the-heatAnyway we forked up all the loose hay the day before the big rain fell.  It sure was hot that day. WHEW!  I don’t know how Mom and Dad did it…I just had to ride on the back of the four-wheeler and the sun baked me into a huge Boomie Chip!

Then the rain came.  Huge amounts of water fell from the sky.  Fuzzy and I stayed inside with Mom, Dad, Sam and Monkey…to tell you the truth being inside while the rain chilled everything down and turned the soil into a giant bog hole was………………………..NICE!!!!

After the rain left then the house seem pant, pant, pant…HOT!

FluffyAnyway, back to what I found…yesterday the sky was beautiful – full of big soft fluffy clouds and lots of warm sunshine (although the nights are very chilly. I think Mom said it was 45* this morning.  Fuzzy and I sleep inside when it’s cold so we weren’t cold…but I digress.)

So here we were up at the alfalfa field…it’s now and alfalfa field the hay field is gone since the hay bales are in the hay yard. 🙂

Okay, Mom, Dad and I were in the alfalfa field setting the water for the last time this year (maybe the last time—for sure the next to the last time).  Fuzzy dididn’tant to come. Fuzzy really only likes riding in the back of the pick-up anymore.  He says someone really needs to stay home and watch the place.

That’s okay with Mom and me, after giving Fuzzy lots of pets and lovings Mom and Dad and I headed up the alfalfa field.

I decided to check out the news in the field, Fuzzy is just like me and really enjoys the news. I looked around…Dad was carrying one of the big metal dams and walking down the ditch, Mom was bent over picking up the white syphon tubes and dunking them in the water and then setting the tubes down in the row…Good they are busy.

Tralalalallalal….sniff here and sniff there…hummmmm raccoons…four of them.  Sniff, snuff….sniff…


Oh, my heavens!  WHAT WAS THAT!!!?

Quail!  How neat is this….Oh, calm down Momma Quail I’m not going to do anything to your 8 little chicks!  Tee Hee, laugh, giggle….Boy, are you cute!

Got ‘a go now!

Sniff, sniff, snuff!


Poop-1“BOOMER!!  BOOMER, what are you doing?”

Oh, heck!  She would call me just as I found this stuff.  Oh, darn…here she comes…do I dare….

Poop-2“BOOMER!!! Don’t you DARE roll in that you hear me?”

Geez…Mom got here just as I was about to flop over…sigh.

“Yuck, Boomer!  Don’t do that!  Do you want another bath? Stop!”

Oh, okay…I won’t.  But LOOK MOM it’s HUGE!  We have a HUGE deer eating in the alfalfa field!

“Come on, Boom, let’s go.  Maybe we will be lucky to see the buck that dropped this mess.  The deer always come on the farm when hunting season starts.’


Hey, Fuzz!  I found some cute quail and a GIANT DEER POOP!  The best part of starting the irrigation water was the GIANT POOP!!!

POOP!  Lucky you Boomer.  I know we have deer that live here year round, but finding GIANT poop means we have a GIANT DEER!

Yeah, Fuzzy…it was giant for deer poop!  Next time I hope I can get a good roll in it so you can have really nice sniff!

I hope you do too, Boomer.  My eyes and ears might not work well, and my legs are wobbly, but my nose is just fine!

Evening-2I promise you this, Fuzzy, the next time I’ll bring you back some good poop smells!

You’re a good Buddy, Boomer a real good Buddy!

best-friends-for-ever-more-Ah, thanks, Fuzzy!  You are welcome.




17 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—a Great Find

  1. They are irresistible! Dogs love to roll into…poop while adults are busy taking care of boring tasks. You have such a good ear for your dogs, Linda. Again, it would be a delightful book. Just saying…
    For now, I love my weekly meeting with Fuzzy and Boomer taking me on a new adventure on your beautiful corner of land. Take care you all!


  2. Oh deer! Or is that elk?
    It was cold here yesterday when we headed out to ride at 7am! I was dressed to play in the snow, not a summer day! Sheesh! Even had hand warmers in! The wind was brutal. But it turned out to be a beautiful day.
    The girls LOVE working in this kind of weather. And rolling in poop! Ha!


  3. Uh oh, Boomer you are about to be getting another bath soon unless you change your ways!! 🙂 It is nice of you to think of Fuzzy, however, I think another way would be best. So glad you are guarding the farmstead, Fuzzy. That is an important job! You are doing well for your age!

    Nice pictures, Linda. Love your skies and flowers….oh, and the fields, too. Always interested in what is going on on your farm there. Take care.



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