And So It Begins….Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pinto-Harvest-1-2014The weather is nice, although it is starting to be cold at night. We woke up to 40* this morning.  Autumn days do warm up nicely.


About 10:30 Friday morning Terry started the process of combining the pinto beans.

Pinto-Harvest-3-2014The pinto beans are being picked up and run through the combine.  It always amazes me that a bunch of plants can go through a huge machine and come out whole.

Pinto-Harvest-4-2014It is a simple as that, but it does require concentration….if the driver goes too fast the pinto beans will be cracked and therefore unsellable, if you go too slow the plants will wad up and bind somewhere in the first part of the combine.  Once again you will lose all your sellable pinto beans.

Pinto-Harvest-2014If your field isn’t dry you will get wads in the combine and will have to stop.

Wads always have to be dug out by hand.  😦

Yesterday was a good productive day…the field was dry, the combine driver (having 50 some odd years of driving a combine 🙂 ) knew what he was doing so could make steady headway.

Since the dew was extremely heavy on Saturday he wasn’t able to start until 1:00 in the afternoon.


Harvest…what we work for all year!

Friday night we had company drive in….Misty and the two little girls!  They are only here for the weekend because Linkin has a birthday party with her BFF.

Zinnia-1Grandpa and I feel really lucky.  They will head home today sometime after lunch.  But first the little girls get ride in the bean truck to deliver the pintos to the Beanery!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm




20 thoughts on “And So It Begins….Sunday, September 14, 2014

  1. So sweet that you got to see them! And how interesting about the bean harvest. A lot of green beans used to be grown here in the valley, for baby food, but I never saw them harvested and no one grows them any more.


  2. You must have a great sense of satisfaction and achievement when the crop’s in. We’re praying the good weather holds so the last of the cane can be cut before the Wet starts. A little rain is ok, a lot is a disaster…


  3. I am continually fascinated by your posts about farming. Thanks so much for helping me to understand where my food comes from. SO glad you’re able to get the beans in. The rain had me worried that you might lose them. ((phew!))


  4. Sounds like you and Terry know exactly what you are doing when it comes to harvesting the Pinto Beans. So glad the weather is cooperating now….

    Glad the kids/grands visited you over the weekend… I’m sure that makes life so much better!!!!!!



  5. It must be such a relief to bring in the harvest. I’m learning so much from you about the skill and combination of weather conditions that is needed to achieve this task.


  6. I am cooking pinto beans tomorrow with ham and I will think of you as I usually do, we will also have fried potatoes and corn bread with them and of course onions. I laid the package on the counter tonight and my hubby said oh I see I am going to get lucky tomorrow, when i looked at him he said I see you are going to cook pinto beans for me. I love this man.


  7. I’ve never had any doubts that it takes great skill…just mowing our lawn, requires picking the right minute, and my livelihood doesn’t depend on the quality of the pieces of cut grass coming out the other end! So I’m sure pinto beans are much more complicated. Harvest must be a wonderful feeling. You live it. The rest of us just enjoy the fruits you reap. I bet riding to the beanery is a gas. Got room for one more!?


  8. People driving past these combines in the fields really have no idea how much skill and dexterity it needed to manipulate them in the right way, do they


  9. People driving past and seeing these combines really have no idea and skill and dexterity needed to manipulate these machines, do they? No I want to taste a pinto bean.


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