Interesting Fences and Gates —Thursday, September 25, 2014

Here is something a little different in the gate department….a Cattle Guard!

GratesYou can find them anyplace around here….even on the highway going up the side of Grand Mesa, Colorado.

As you can see the spacing is large enough animals don’t want to walk over it.

Watch-for-CowsThis rancher even warns you when you cross the cattle guard that cows are grazing on his hills.

Head on over now and see what cool fences and gates have been posted on Teresa’s site: The Run *A* Round Ranch—and while you are there enter one of your own neighborhoods cool fences or gates!

Remember now…if you are out here sometime…watch for cows!




21 thoughts on “Interesting Fences and Gates —Thursday, September 25, 2014

  1. I love open range country! Up by Clark Lake in Kansas there is an area like that–beautiful place and not much traffic. Where I’ve seen in Nevada wasn’t as fortunate–apparently lots of cattle do get hit by cars, so that rancher would have done well to find signs like the one you posted!


  2. Those look familiar! If it wasn’t for cattle guards, we’d spend all day opening and closing gates!
    My sister worked at a sign company. Had her make a few big signs that say, you hit it, you buy it! With a cow and baby on it. It makes a statement!

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  3. Bought a 20 pound bag of Red Donkey at the Beanery. Love to read your blog and learn about farm life. I enjoy the pictures, too. Susan Dumler

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  4. Neat to see the “actual” cattle guard. Lots of time around here they just paint them on the road and for some reason the cows actually think they are real. Funny about the sign warning you to watch for cows.


  5. Do you remember a few years ago when some dumb politician thought that cattle guards should get a raise in pay or something to that affect? That’s when we really knew that those in D.C.had no idea about the West.


  6. there are things like that in Uk but they are called cattle grids. They can be found on places like the National Parks…much nicer than an actual gate


  7. I read somewhere that the federal government learned there were hundreds of cattle guards in Montana. They had the great idea to fire about half of them to cut back on spending.


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