Storms–Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Stoem-moving-in-1We have had a series of storms moving though our area.  Sunday was nicely wet, and so was Sunday night and early Monday morning.

Storm-Moving-in-5The sun peaked through the clouds Sunday night and graced our lives with dramatic color, then the rains came.



Having the rain has been nice!  It sure has helped me keep the lawn green down at the other house and has given my yard a nice soaking.  The Upper End is looking rich and lush with really nice grass.

Mr. Davis’ cows are going to have a real feast come this winter.

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10 thoughts on “Storms–Wednesday, September 24, 2014

  1. It really has been pretty decent here this summer as well and the pastures look pretty good. We had just a spit of rain last night. Enough to freshen everything up and we were glad – now to keep wishing for BIG RAIN in CA, NV and OR


  2. I’m happy for the rains you are getting. Here in Colorado Springs temps are in mid-80s and no rain in sight. Glad to have a way to let you know how much I enjoy your blog; I have not been able to post comments on the site. The posts are terrific and I love Fuzzy, Boomer and Sam Cat. Your flowers are gorgeous.

    Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2014 10:42:46 +0000 To:


  3. Gorgeous skies you guys have been having! Great photos! No rain on this side of the divide. But that allowed all the fire wood to be split… yea! Thanks for sharing those skies 🙂


  4. Love your corn header and the beautiful skies, Linda. These should be beneficial rains for you now. We have warm and very humid days and just this afternoon we have a severe thunderstorm just to the north of us, coming my way! It hasn’t rained for two days, so guess it’s time again. 🙂



  5. Our farmers are waiting too, but for spud harvest weather. Hope you can put that irrigation job away until spring and hope your corn harvest is a big one. Just tell Mom that barking at deer is your job and you just have to do it.


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