It is Thursday–Good Fences day and the Day Before Linkin Comes–October 16, 2014

We pick up our oldest granddaughter tomorrow sometime.  She is hitching a ride with her BFF from Delta today.  Her BFF’s family is in Glenwood Springs, Colorado tonight for a volleyball game and offered to bring her to Delta.

It’s a neat win-win, since the two girls will get to be together for one night and then I will get to have Linkin a day sooner than Saturday.

Excitement abounds!

Terry and I are starting to wind up the cosmetic part of the house. I have two rooms left to paint—he is totally done with the sheetrock and other stuff caused by moving the door and straightening a wall (It will help make the bedroom larger).   I hope to get all the painting done and the house dusted and vacuumed and swept, and the windows washed, before the whole family gets here on Saturday!

As soon as they call me and say they are on the road I’ll run down and put wood in the woodstove.  Everything will be nice and tidy for them when they come.  Although, they will only be using the house to sleep in, you do understand that?  I hope to have them here at our house as much as possible!

Today is Teresa’s Good Fences Thursday….don’t forget to check out her fence and everyone elses.

Night-FenceWhen Terry and I were out checking on everything last night the sky was just wonderful! I give you a typical fence on our place and a not so typical southern pink sky!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm



20 thoughts on “It is Thursday–Good Fences day and the Day Before Linkin Comes–October 16, 2014

  1. I know Linkin is as excited about seeing you a day early as you two are at seeing her. I completely understand why you want the house ready for the family when they come. Have a great weekend with all of them.


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