The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—a Small Hike

Mom and Dad were tired of working on the house, and Boom and I were tried of DOING NOTHING!!!


So Dad said, “Let’s go out to the desert and do a Walk About….Who knows what cool stuff we will get to see.”  Boomer yelled, “AND SMELL! COOL STUFF TO SMELL!”

We loaded up and headed out.  It was a BLAST!  Although, Mom and I didn’t walk very fast Boomer and Dad had a great time.


We saw the ruts left from years and years ago when the freighters from Grand Junction would haul in supplies to the canyons areas and to Delta. It was always hard going if the desert was wet…clay soil is a tough thing to pull/walk/stove through.  The desert got the name ‘Stinking Desert’ because the freighters dreaded the haul so much—“We have to head off through that Stinking Desert,” they would say.   Over time the name just stuck…sort of like the wagons…tee hee!


We walked under the highway into the cement tunnel—which is really to carry the flash flood water under the highway instead of over the highway and wash the road out.


On the other side of the highway is a pond of SLIME WATER!

Even I didn’t like the slime water and I adore water!!!


After that we went back to the pick-up and headed into Delta.  In Delta we went to Confluence Lake and walked around there for a spell.  That was nice.  Boomer found a dead fish, but Mom wouldn’t let him near it. (Boomer pouted all the way back to the pick-up)


We got home as the sun was sinking into the horizon.  Boomer and I agreed it sure was nice to go for a little ride after all the days of waiting for Mom and Dad to finish down at the other house.   Mom and Dad both said that was refreshing.

And you know something?  I agree.  A little change of pace is always a good thing.



19 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—a Small Hike

  1. A change of pace for you two and a day of no work on the farm for mom and dad — sounds perfect to me. That tunnel is such an interesting place; the photo in the header really stopped me in my tracks. I was so busy figuring out what it was and kind of feeling lost and dizzy staring into it — like a labyrinth entrance. (But I might not want to hike into it. I probably would have stayed behind with you.)


  2. I LOVE that change of pace, Fuzzy! What an awesome day. The slime water was a good experience to skip. So glad you all had a relaxing, fun adventure.

    Love and licks,


  3. How neat!!!! So glad that you had a day to get away from the ‘crazy life’ and have some fun… Interesting to hear about the Stinking Desert….

    Your photo at Confluence Lake is gorgeous… Love the little ‘crystals’… ha

    Glad you had a great day—all of you!


  4. Good Idea. A much needed break for all of you. Think I may take that plan under advisement myself. Although your header looks like a doorway into the Twilight Zone……


  5. What a great little get-away you all had! Kinda glad you didn’t like the slimey water or you all would have gotten another BATH! Lovely pictures, too!!



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