Spinning Standing Still–Monday, October 20, 2014

CannasI feel like I’m just standing still spinning my wheels I have so much to do!  Although, I LOVED my weekend!  Linkin came to us Friday night; her parents and Bladen and Tally got here on Saturday then left Sunday after lunch.

Linky and I ‘spent both nights together’ talking and talking way into the night…there is just so much to learn about the life of a ten-year old!

Checking-the-cornSunday afternoon Terry and I drove around checking on the corn….

Getting-RipeIt is starting to dry down…see the ears?  When the ears start turning upside down the corn is getting dry.  We still are in waiting mode since the corn kernels must get a certain dryness before we can start combining.

FallingThat’s okay we still have a ton of work to do down at the other house (oh, by the way—the kids were delighted in everything we have done so far!!! 🙂 )  I still have one room to paint, and Terry has the furnace to fix—that might be clear into the winter.  The wood stove will have to continue to be the main heat.  We will drain the water out of the house and winterize it in a couple of months.)  I need to finish painting the trim on the house and the fences.  Then after the corn is out we will build the fences to keep the cows out of the yard.Upper-End

I really, really, really need to get some of my own house work done (which I’m doing today) and started on my yard work—I need to dig my tropical bulbs and a few things like that; plus winterize the pump and the sprinkler lines —maybe this afternoon those things can at least start.

Then I’ve been doing some volunteer research for the Paonia Cemetery District for the last two months trying to find a Henry Lux who lived here in 1926 and purchased three plots at one of the Paonia Cemeteries.  I need to get a report written up and sent to them by the end of the week, preferably today, if I can.



The ending of Daylight Savings Time is looming just around the corner—which I dread.  I love Daylight Savings Time the best!


This is the treehouse down at the other house…didn’t Kelly do a great job?  If this tree house was up here I would hide myself away and read a book.

Well, off to do all the house work that has been screaming at me for the last two weeks…the screaming has grown into a full-blown temper tantrum today so I must go give everything some tender loving care!

Your friend,


18 thoughts on “Spinning Standing Still–Monday, October 20, 2014

  1. Linda, your header is just gorgeous!! So glad your family was there for the weekend and that you got to spend some very special time with Linky. I remember having late night “chats” with my daughter while she was growing up, too. They would never start until 10:30 p.m. when I noticed she wasn’t asleep and I would ask why. Those were so special, so I know they are with your little Linkin too.

    One job at a time and next thing you know they will be done. You just have a lot of irons in your fire at once! Just don’t over-do, my friend.



  2. Wooee! You do have a lot on your plate. Do the stuff you absolutely have to, then give yourself an hour off. The rest will seem less intimidating after that. And I mean a proper hour, not just scraps of time here and there…


  3. I love that tree house and I would join you with a good book if I was invited. You are one very busy lady but at least its so much cooler now. I finally caved in and just quit trying until it got cooler. Take care of yourself too ! By the way, the deer ate my cannas done to nubs….but they will grow back, right ?


  4. I have to agree with thirteensheepormore, let the cleaning wait until the cold of winter if at all possible. 🙂 Enjoy the fall! Interesting to know about the corn turning down.


  5. WHEN I read just how much work you have to do it makes me appreciate my own life here as a retired person. Yes we do have to prepare for winter but not nearly as much as you do. I feel tired all ready….lovely pictures thank you for finding the time to write for us.xxxx


  6. Sure sounds like you have lots to keep you busy. Don’t feel bad, I think everyone that lives in one of the snow and cold belts of the country are trying to get things done before the really nasty weather decides to hit us. I say the same thing, I seem to spin my wheels, lots of things to get done and nothing seems to get finished.


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