A Cold Front Moved Through—Wednesday, March 26, 2015

A very chilly cold front moved through our region yesterday, complete with freezing temperatures this morning.  We will have a steady warm-up after tonight, but right now it’s still cold.

Apricot-blooms-on-the-grounThe wind was very strong, 30 m.p.h gusts!  Most of the apricot blooms have landed on the ground or turned brown on the trees—if we have apricots this year I will be surprised.

The-SwingI worked down at the little house all morning…dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, cleaning…come Saturday the kids from Craig, Colorado, will be home to spend 9 days in the little house.  I will start a fire in the wood stove tomorrow and keep it going until they get here on Saturday…a nice clean, toasty warm house to spend Spring Break.

The tree house will once again have life in it, and the swing in the front yard will fly through the air with little kids upon it.

SkyI will stand outside and hear (again) the joyful laughter of delighted children at play.  Off and on there will be grandchildren walking over to see us…to check out the snacks (prepared just for them, but they won’t know that), hang out with either Grandpa or myself, maybe climb into our tree, or see if Grandpa will either take them for a ride, or let Blade —now age 13–drive the 4-wheeler, so they can ride.

9 full days…9 full days!  What a delightful thought.

Easter Sunday all our children and their mates will come for Easter dinner and a egg hunt.

This Grammy’s heart is sure to to be full unto bursting!

Your very excited friend,


Good Morning Everyone! Sunday, February 1, 2015

Good-MorningGood morning everyone!MovingAfter two days of heavy gray clouds blocking the sun and sending life-giving moisture into our rather dry soil, we woke-up this morning to a very beautiful day.

Another blessing in the storm is it  stopped our work on the removal of the wood from the two trees we had cut down.  I think that was a good thing.  It’s better to have a break in the work than to break something on your body (all three of us, Terry, Scott (our neighbor) and myself are over 65–just saying.)    If the weather stayed nice we would not have stopped…we needed to stop. A three day rest is a good thing (we always rest on Sunday, only the things that MUST be done is ever accomplished on Sunday.)

Tree-workOur neighbor is taking the wood for his outside furnace so we don’t have to haul anything far.  The wood from the front tree is way too wet to burn this year, but the wood from the lightening struck tree is dead.  This is a win-win for Scott as he has dry wood to finish out the heating season and wood to start the next heating season.  It’s a win-win for Terry and I because we have help cleaning up the mess AND we know that the wood is being put to good use instead of just dumped at the Upper End.  The GIANT logs we are taking to the Upper End to make hollows for fox (or whomever)  have a place to hide.

Tree-stumpScott and Terry both have tractors, Scott has forks on his and Terry uses the bucket.


This leaves me to do all the brush work, rake up all the chips, and to chain up the logs.  We are making huge headway.  As soon as the ground dries enough we should be able to finish up next week.

We better finish up next week, since Hank stopped and said he was going to be bringing in his first year heifers and his second year cows probably around Thursday.

I just about have the chips and bark and branches out of the corn field gate, which is a good thing…I wouldn’t want any of the cows to get something stuck in their hooves.

If we can get the big stuff and the field stuff done before the cows we can finish up the back yard after the fence is built.  Lots of pressure right now to get stuff done.

THEN I told Terry it will be time to put the new roof on the tile house, after which we will be close, if not already started, on Spring farm work.

I think the time of February is going to fly by!

Many of you have emailed asking me to post a photo of the skyline with the trees gone.  I shall…I want to have all the trash cleaned up before I do.  Surprisingly (so far) it doesn’t look bad down there.  Misty wants us to keep the lightening struck stump in the back for Kelly to build something for the kids to play in, so we will.  Kelly built a tree house for the kids in one of the other trees; having something cool in this one will add to the fun of the back yard.

The front tree will be gone…I’m thinking I might put a planter where it was and fill it with something colorful.  Maybe.  It all depends on how it looks.  I might just fill in the spot with grass.  Grass is always nice on the eyes.

Good-NightLook at this sunset last night as the storm broke up and left us!  The colors are amazing for this time of year!

Thanks for stopping by!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,





Spinning Standing Still–Monday, October 20, 2014

CannasI feel like I’m just standing still spinning my wheels I have so much to do!  Although, I LOVED my weekend!  Linkin came to us Friday night; her parents and Bladen and Tally got here on Saturday then left Sunday after lunch.

Linky and I ‘spent both nights together’ talking and talking way into the night…there is just so much to learn about the life of a ten-year old!

Checking-the-cornSunday afternoon Terry and I drove around checking on the corn….

Getting-RipeIt is starting to dry down…see the ears?  When the ears start turning upside down the corn is getting dry.  We still are in waiting mode since the corn kernels must get a certain dryness before we can start combining.

FallingThat’s okay we still have a ton of work to do down at the other house (oh, by the way—the kids were delighted in everything we have done so far!!! 🙂 )  I still have one room to paint, and Terry has the furnace to fix—that might be clear into the winter.  The wood stove will have to continue to be the main heat.  We will drain the water out of the house and winterize it in a couple of months.)  I need to finish painting the trim on the house and the fences.  Then after the corn is out we will build the fences to keep the cows out of the yard.Upper-End

I really, really, really need to get some of my own house work done (which I’m doing today) and started on my yard work—I need to dig my tropical bulbs and a few things like that; plus winterize the pump and the sprinkler lines —maybe this afternoon those things can at least start.

Then I’ve been doing some volunteer research for the Paonia Cemetery District for the last two months trying to find a Henry Lux who lived here in 1926 and purchased three plots at one of the Paonia Cemeteries.  I need to get a report written up and sent to them by the end of the week, preferably today, if I can.



The ending of Daylight Savings Time is looming just around the corner—which I dread.  I love Daylight Savings Time the best!


This is the treehouse down at the other house…didn’t Kelly do a great job?  If this tree house was up here I would hide myself away and read a book.

Well, off to do all the house work that has been screaming at me for the last two weeks…the screaming has grown into a full-blown temper tantrum today so I must go give everything some tender loving care!

Your friend,