The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Halloween

Well…what is there to say?  It’s been hard.  Life without my Bestest Friend in the Whole Wide World, Fuzzy.   I sometimes sit right in front of Mom and whine to her that it is hard.  I put up my paw and kinda paw at the air so Mom will understand what I’m trying to say.  She always reaches down and gives me a big hug and lots of pettings.

It helps…sorta.

Friday, the day after….the day after Fuzzy talked to me about Life and he said good-bye…was a very long day.

I lay on the steps, put my head between my paws and sighed huge deep sighs.  Dad came in from working on the corn combine and told Mom that I was having a hard time.  He then asked me to come in and hang with Mom, since Mom was also having a hard time.

It helped…sorta.

Then Mom got a call from Shannon.  I heard Mom telling Shannon I was super depressed.  (Boy was that correct!)  After a while Mom got off the phone and came over and sat by me and just petted me.  It felt really good.

“Wait! I have an idea, Boomer” I just remembered something from your first Halloween here….hang on I’ll be right back.  Out she went to the tile house…Now this sounded interesting so I followed her out the back door and into the tile house, where Mom was rummaging around in some of her big boxes out there.

“Here it is! Let’s go back inside, Boomer, and put this on.

Outfit-2I think you are going to dress up for Halloween and go for a ride!”

Dad laughed…  “Look he seems to like it!”

I did it was a fun thing to do!

While I was sorta dancing around so Mom and Dad and the cats could get a good look at me we heard Shannon and her dog pack coming down the drive way!


OH! GOODIE!  THE DOG COUSINS ARE HERE!  I barreled out of the house and set up a loud welcoming bay!!!!


They were all here and THEY HAD ON COSTUMES ALSO!  (That is me baying at Rocky–see if you can pick me out in the other photos…I didn’t move from this spot)



Shannon asked if Mom and I would like to go for a dog ride and dog walk!  YES!!! I hollered.

Up I went into the back with the rest of the pack—four hunting dogs and two Rottweilers!


(OH!  I forgot about those annoying puppies….right in your face, licking and licking and baying and hollering and climbing on me————–IT WAS A BLAST!

They also kept jumping out the truck and Shannon kept putting them back in and then they would jump out again….IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!)

Then we went for a short ride and fun run/sniff/walk it was delightful.


Mom and I have been going all sorts of places together, always together.  She says we really need each other right now.

I agree.  (Although, there has been tons of people here, Mom makes sure I’m okay. Sometimes I have bad dreams in my sleep and hallooooooooooo for Mom.  She comes.  I try to tell her I miss Fuzzy that I dream he leaves me.  Then I wake up and I realize it’s true.  Sure is sad.)


Otherwise Mom and I are taking it one day at a time; just like Fuzzy said to do.  Sigh!

We are going to make it…the dog cousins’ help, and going for walks with Mom helps and going everywhere I can with Mom helps.  Just one day at a time.

One day at a time.



32 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Halloween

  1. Oh Boomer, Fuzzy would be/IS so proud of you – You’re being strong, and helping Mom, and helping him too cuz you know he thinks of you all too and wants you to be happy. You are such a good boy!! and remember it’s okay to give Mom hugs and to let her hug you ❤

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  2. Kudos to Shannon and her doggie angels trying to help out Boomer boy. It brought tears to my eyes too. I love the picture of Boomer and his cousins….great idea. But how about you, Linda. Someone needs to be there for you and give you hugs too. Is Terry helping you cope ? I bet you both are taking care of each other. Take care.

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  3. Boomer, I’m glad you were able to have a good time with your dog cousins. I know you miss Fuzzy and it is hard, but you’re doing the right thing by taking one day at a time. Be sure to give Mom some extra love because she misses Fuzzy too.

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  4. And whoever says that dogs don’t have feelings???? Reading this made me cry… I know how you and Mom feel, Boomer… Just keep taking it ONE day at a time…. That was nice of Shannon and the Dog Cousins to come and visit. Love your Halloween costume.


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  5. Aww Boomer Man! We have been so sad for you…..I know I would feel terrible too if Pickles weren’t here, even if she does steal my bed. We’ve been thinking of you. It was really nice of the cousin dogs to come! That helped a lot. Hang in there buddy. One day at a time. Give your Mom and Dad a big slurp for me.
    The Gus.

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  6. Sending big virtual {{{{{{{ hugs }}}}}}} for you and Boomer. When our dear Boyd passed, I told my girls he was in Heaven chasing rabbits, I’m sure Fuzzy is right there with him having a high old time…ok gotta go cry now. ❤

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  7. My Buster also felt the loss of his sister. You could see it for at least a week, he was just sad and was not his usual rambunctious self. He got better and so will Boomer….and you. My heart still goes out to you.

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  8. You really touched my heart and made me smile, too. A friend sent me this card to us in times past: Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love, they depart to teach us about loss. A new dog never replaces an old dog; it merely expands the heart. If you have loved many dogs your heart is very big. This surely applies to all the wonderful pets that have shared our daily lives. Boomer you are blessed having such a loving family. Thanks for sharing your day.

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  9. What a lovely post and tribute to your bestest friend. Maybe in a little while you will get a new friend and can teach him or her the ropes like Fuzzy taught you.

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  10. Hi Linda, It is so hard on the doggies when their friends go away, but your extra love is what will get Boomer through the grief. Also those extra hugs you give him help you too. :). I am sure he appreciates the extra company as a distraction as much as you do. Boomer remember as hard as it is too be without your bestest friend that he is running free and happy with no pain. Keep him in your heart and move forward one day at a time, just like Fuzy said.

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  11. Boomer, love, you are right, just take one day at a time. So glad you all went on a little drive on Halloween. I know getting together with them did help. You and mom will have special times together now. Big hugs to you all. Soon you will just have happy memories of Fuzzy and you can recall all the wonderful smells and gross stuff you all did!

    Love Mom’s header! Blessings to you and Mom and Dad!

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  12. I cried the whole time I read this, then went back and watched the video. So much fun. One day at a time I guess is the only way to get through it. Take care Boomer! Hugs to both you and your mom.

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  13. What a wonderful visit from the dog cousins to blow off some steam, and have a little fun. You, and your Mom have to depend on each other these days. Very soon you will be happy to get all of the attention, and won’t be quite so sad anymore.


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