Storms and More Storms–Monday, November 24, 2014

LightThe weather people were right…storms and more storms following each other right on each other’s heels…

StormOur neighbor got his corn field baled just at the miserable winds arrived.  Although, the loose corn leaves would not have bothered us, it would have made a huge mess for the Church of the First Born on the corner by the corn field.

RainThe the rain and the sleet descended blocking our view.  That’s okay, the corn fields have blocked our view until just last week.  🙂

FlurriesThen the flurries started bringing snow to the foothills of Grand Mesa, the Uncompahgre Plateau (Un-come-pah-gray), and the area of the Black Canyon,  and rain to us.


Sunday was a good day to sit by the fire!

GoingLast night the storm left and

Morning another one arrived around 4 in the morning.  The sunrise around 6:30 was a promise of more storms—which is true, it’s snowing as I write this.

Later on today we will travel out and gather more corn for sampling the moisture.  A tedious routine now, but necessary.  Just as soon as the meter hits 14% the combine will roar into the life and the big orange truck will find it’s way out to the proper field, waiting for the corn to be loaded into the back.  As soon as the bed is full, the truck will head down to the Elevator…hopefully!  That’s the plan anyway.  Finger’s Crossed and Magic thoughts we can start again (I think I’ve said that at least two times before this time…shish!)

Your friend on a very cold western Colorado farm,



21 thoughts on “Storms and More Storms–Monday, November 24, 2014

  1. Sure hope everything moves on through quickly and the corn dries out!! Pretty storm cloud pictures, Linda!

    Guys are here working on repairing the cotton stripper. Sure am hoping they can fix it soon!



  2. Batten the hatches and wrap up! Nature is having her way with you…but I have to say, while you’re feeling the brunt of it, we’re seeing the beauty of it. The light and colors in those photos are extraordinary. I can’t used to the fact that you can set your eyes on that natural splendor every single day. Stay warm my friend. x from Italy.


  3. Looks like it was quite the storm! I like the beautiful colors in the last photo! Prayers and best wishes that the moisture level in the corn will be right! Take care.


  4. Sheesh, it sucks when your income depends on a crop…..but we wouldn’t change it for a 9-5 any day…( well maybe some days )!
    Here’s hoping you can get the corn cut soon!


  5. Magic thoughts headed your way. I’d hoped you’d be done by now but not to be! We have storms headed here as well which reminds me I should get out and fill the feeders! Have a happy Thanksgiving though and I’m going to go catch up on your other news!


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