Underway–Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Mesa-and-the-sunThank you so much!  All your magic thoughts and your crossed fingers (and toes) and prayers have worked!

Gold-4We are underway!  The corn measured 14.6% with the first load and 13% with the second load!  YAY!

The line wasn’t too bad; thirteen trucks when he showed up the first time and only 6 the second time.  When he called this morning there were 8; it’s good to be close to the front of the line when you first drive in.  Very good!

Gold 5It only takes two hours to load the truck, but four hours to unload. 🙂

This time of year this type of corn is all used for animal feed, although it is the same corn that can be used to make cornbread or breading for corndogs.  Our elevator is strictly for animal feed—dairy cows, chickens, sheep, beef cattle and hogs.  Although, there are different mixes that go into feeding each type of animal.

The sweet corn…the kind that you buy in can (tins) is harvested from July until the first of September.  This corn—sweet corn is also the corn that is eaten fresh right off the cob.

For us, our corn harvest is our main crop of the year…we have the most land tied up in the production of this crop.  Corn prices are dismal this year, so next year Terry is thinking of raising more pinto beans and less corn.  If he does that the Pinto Beans will become our major crop.  (if he continues to farm…every year he says he is done, every spring the itch to get out on the land drives him back.  Every year I wonder if it is going to be the last year…the reality is I really don’t think he can give up the farming—but we will see.)

Red 4For this year, and for now, the corn harvest has truly begun!

Thank you so much for your support!

Your friend,


14 thoughts on “Underway–Tuesday, December 2, 2014

  1. I ate corn on the cob for the first time when I moved to the US. Fresh and on the grill, it symbolizes summer times for me. My mom was surprised when I prepared some for her since in France people only eat corn in cold salads. Otherwise it’s food for the pigs! Can you imagine?
    Thank you for the lovely skies pictures, Linda.


  2. Farming and music are both pursuits that are “callings”. Both are engaged in “feeding”. Farming feeds physical bodies. Music feeds the spirit. Both are essential for nourishment. Keep farming. We need farmers


  3. Woo hoo! Great news! It must have been all that time on the land that keeps you looking too young for retirement. (Although I do love being retired!)


  4. So glad that it is finally under way! About the “this is going to be the last year” stuff….I hear mumbles of that sort now and then….and each time he keeps a few heifers for replacements! I think that the farming/ranching thing is so much a part of some of us that to quit ,while healthy enough to carry on, probably isn’t going to happen.


  5. Magic thoughts do work. Today we are getting a long soaky rain for the dry land and more in the forecast.

    Hurray for corn and all who grow it.


  6. Great news!! Hope the weather holds for you until you’re all done.

    Couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my computer….and then discovered it was snowing on your computer!!! :))



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