Once More–Cross your Fingers and Your Toes–Monday, December 1, 2014

Cute-1Daily we check the corn…riding out on the four-wheelers to get samples from all the fields.  Samples on the ends, samples in the middle…then THERE IT WAS…the moisture content said…”Give it a go!”  So we did!

Season-2Down the rows he went

Season-1Opening the driest field

Red2Filling the truck with red/gold corn

RedBecause it was the Thanksgiving holiday and the Elevator was good enough to stop and let everyone have a break….we parked the truck under the car port

TiresWhere Monkey-the -cat spent lots of her time checking to see WHY the grain truck was close to the house and not out by the barn.

WhatSilly cat!

Gradually the sun started to set filling our skies with a purple haze

Purple-4It was stunningly beautiful,

Purple-2Unusual and gorgeous all rolled into a swiftly darkening day

Purple-3Terry left for the Elevator at 5 this morning…when he called he was 13th in line and more arriving. It’s 9:00 a.m. right now and he still isn’t home.  He will be lucky to be here at noon.

Keep your fingers and toes crossed, send prayers and magic thoughts, please that this load passes and we are out-on-the-land until all the corn is in!

Your friend,




13 thoughts on “Once More–Cross your Fingers and Your Toes–Monday, December 1, 2014

  1. Yes for harvest! I was beginning to think with all the testing, you guys would have it harvested by hand! Ha!
    What a pain in the patootie to have to wait in line! Sheesh, I’d go nuts! Patience isn’t one of my strong points! 🙂
    Love a pink sky.


  2. Fingers and toes crossed at your command – here’s hoping you get all that lovely golden stuff in. We buy it in tiny Green Giant tins here, and it is delicious. But I would guess not half as good as it is straight off the plant.


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