Quick Trip— Sunday, December 7, 2014

Friday night…no wait!!!  Early Saturday morning –3:30—neither Terry nor I could sleep…worrying about getting the corn in…the brakes went out of the grain truck…everything was wet from the rain…just stuff.  The kind of thing that bothers you at night but doesn’t in the daytime.

Around 4 o’clock Terry said: “Let’s get up and go to Craig and watch Blade’s basketball tournament.”

“Sounds good to me.  If we leave here at 4:30 we should make it to the gym by 7:30.  Blade plays at 8:00—won’t he be surprised when we walk in?”

So we did.


The drive was beautiful..randomly we could see the moon, but mostly it was cloudy, traffic was light (not many people up at that time of day), the deer, elk and antelope stayed somewhere safe for them and for us.  Right at 7:30 a.m. sharp we walked into the gym…there he was!  Lined up with the team…he saw us!  A smile and a tiny wave let us know!  Around 7:55 the rest of the family came through the ticket booth … huge smiles all around…it was a great surprise.  We enjoyed this so much.

PigsIn-between Blade’s games we went up to see their Christmas decorations and to then to see the pigs, Linky is ‘sharing’ with their neighbor.  (They are his pigs, but this very lonesome for the farm little girl, was asked by Mr. Chapman if she would like to help him gentle down and take care of his latest pigs).  Every day she trudges up the hill to the pig barn and plays with the three little pigs–I forget their names.  When she gets tired of them she then walks along and pets and brushes down all the other pigs in this very clean and friendly pig barn.  There is no smell in this set up because of how the pigs are fed and taken care of…they have their own pellet stove for the winter and nice fans for the summer.  These are special pigs raised only for showing…all the little pigs are sold only to those places that want show pigs.  It’s a great life for a pig!

Then back we went to watch the basketball hustle.  Bladen is a good basketball player!  it was ever so much fun.

The only sad part in the whole day was Tally lost her backpack—hopefully someone found it and will return it to the school or to Kelly or Misty.  One can always hope, I suppose.

We were heading back home right after the games, but the kids asked us to stay for a bite to eat and a short visit.  We did…it was nice.


We made it back home just as the sun was going down around 4:30 or so.  It was a very fast trip but a very nice trip.

Now we prepare for another week of harvest (we hope) only two more fields to go.  It sure would be nice to be done before Christmas!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm



19 thoughts on “Quick Trip— Sunday, December 7, 2014

  1. That is great you both got to see your little ones. We also saw our Grandchildren Saturday play basketball game in oklahoma, 2 hours away from us. Spent some money at their concession . Nice visit with Sean and Karen telling how great their children are. The weather in south central Kansas was foggy and cold, but was good to get out.
    Still foggy and cold today the 7th, my Husband’s 68th birthday. I told him I am not ready for 68. Ha
    Looks like some here may be in fields close to Christmas unless get some sun and warmer temps.We live south of Wichita, Ks. Take care to all. Sharon Drake


  2. That’s such a beautiful story. I’m just beginning to realize how deep and special that grandparent role is going to be. They must have been so happy to see you. The pig story is darling. It reminds me of Charlotte’s Web, one of my all time favorite books. Every girl needs a pig in her life, don’t you think?


  3. Are those snowflakes on my computer screen? Wish we could get some here. Sounds like you had a wonderful day with family. How nice to be a little girl and be able to play with happy pigs.


  4. yikes, better not read this to sheila, she will be wanting a pellet stove and a little girl!! How wonderful, and you are right the pigs have a great stall to live in! hope the rain holds up until you get the corn in, what a trial!..c


  5. usually doing some like that on the spur of the moment releases tension and relaxes the mind..I hope that it happened for you two….I hope that you will get the fields cleared in plenty of time..God willing!


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