The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Priceless



Hi, Ya, Sam!  Been catching any mice lately?


Your fur is getting messed up Monkey?  A bit windy out here for those of you with long fur!

Oh…look here is Mom.

What’ up, Mom!  What cha go’na do?

To-bed-1“Are you up to putting the farm to bed, Boomer?  Come on…we will go on out and get started, Dad will come up when he is done helping loading hay.”

To-bed-2 Mom reached down and picked me up and sat me down behind her on the four-wheeler.  (Mom has to pick me up and put me places ever since I blew my knee out.  My knee is healed now, but neither she nor I want it to get hurt again—so she always picks me up and puts me behind her—or sits me in the back of the pick-up or on the pick-up seat.)


“WAIT!!!!” Monkey yelled…..”I WANT TO GO!”

“No, Monkey—git!  It’s too far up there!  SCRAM!””  Finally Monkey ran back to the yard.Wait-1

Up we went to gather all the siphon tubes and stack them so the cows won’t stomp on them and destroy them.  Cows are like that ya know…if it’s interesting they like to walk on it to see what it will do.  Cracked siphon tubes in hooves is not a good thing, nor is it something Mom and Dad want to deal with either.


It was hot work…even if the sky acted like it wanted to rain, we all worked up a sweat…Mom even took her coat off…I’m glad I didn’t have a coat like thing on, I was already hot!

BirdUp one field, down another we went, picking up dams and tubes and straightening up anything that might get in the way of the corn combine…then I SAW IT!!!


Looks like the coyotes got a Big Bird…sniff, sniff..snuff…

“Boomer what you got there?” Mom asked, as she walked up the last of the dirt ditch.

“Oh, sometimes nature is so cruel…my, that was a big bird, I wonder what kind it was.”


Dad arrived about that time—“Coyotes!  They’ve gotten very brave again…I saw evidence along the equipment area yesterday.”


Yeah, Dad….Mom and I can hear them when we walk at night.  Mom and I think they are hanging out down around the other house.  They wouldn’t be at that house if Hank still lived there, but since he doesn’t they aren’t afraid!

And we see scat everywhere…coyote poop!  I sometimes stop and pee on it.  Makes me feel…GOOD!!!  Tee hee.

“Coyotes…never a good thing.  You stay close by, Boomie, even if it’s daylight you don’t need to be scaring up some coyotes in their den” Mom admonished me.

Not to worry Mom.  Since Fuzzy isn’t here I try to stay within eye-sight of you…I know you don’t have anyone to protect you now.  I can still get the news, but I’m the only dog now, so I know you need me to take care of you.


‘Come on, Boom, let’s go.



We got done faster with Dad’s help.  A nice little ride on the four-wheeler will cool you down.


Then we need to go check all the water traps for the mice…the mice seem to be rather bad this year also.”  Mom lifted me up, started the engine and off we took right behind Dad.

iop Wind in your ears and cool air on your fur………………priceless!



20 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Priceless

  1. Love the adventures of “Boomer! We have an Aussie named Mischief. In the morning as soon as she is out the door she knows Groovy our neighbors cat has been over on our porch and hunting in the barn for mice. She also checks out our resident owl who roosts in the barn. Good job Boomer, keeping up with all the news. The coyotes are busy in our valley, too. We have quite a few predators about. Several of our neighbors have lost calves.
    Have enjoyed learning about your corn harvest. Interesting about the moisture content. Always thought the harvest would have been through way before winter started. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Wonder if the coyote got an injured goose? Good spot Boomer!
    The coyotes are starting to come outta the woods here. I hope and pray we don’t have a year like we did last year! Ugh! And my ponderosa pine horned owl is helping keep the rodents away.


  3. Last year Eli, our Griffon came across a coyote den, she chased him up the ravine and into the field and didn’t stop til she saw John up there! Good thing he’s a pretty big dog with long legs so she didn’t catch him!


  4. Great story, B. You look especially handsome in your pictures today. I love the last 2 with your tongue out. …and it’s not even Tongue-Out-Tuesday!

    Love and licks,


  5. Good Boy Boomer, taking care of Mom and Dad and Sam and Monkey! 🙂
    I am so glad you showed me that mousetrap, have seen them on the net and wondered if they worked? Is there ramp up one side of the bucket and what do you put on the tin as bait? Hope your weekend stays warm. Laura


  6. Boom, what a great day you had! Glad you’re sticking close to mom in regards to the coyotes. Certainly not something you need to bother with. If they get too close, I’m sure Dad will help them on their way with a rifle.


  7. Great mouse trap. I’ve seen similar ones and they seem to do the job pretty well. Watch out for those coyotes. They can get pretty brave when the food gets scarce in cold weather.


  8. Aw you’re such a beaut help Boomer. Those coyotes left an awful mess, but in one way at least they’ve signed their calling card… now you’ll be on alert. All the best and hugs to you and Sam xx


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