Update—Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sarah’s human came and got her yesterday morning.  She was very happy to see him, but didn’t want to leave here.  Rather broke my heart.  I’m sure she is having a terrible time of being flung here and there and everywhere.  At least now she is with her human, which takes a load off my mind.


We went down to Saint Mary’s Hospital yesterday to see Rick in ICU.   The prognosis is sad.  When we left yesterday the two sisters were going to have to make the hard decision–the one that is only done in human kindness.  Once that process is over everyone waits.  I’m sure we will hear something sometime this morning where things are.  Personally I think life in a wheel chair (he has (now) had a massive stoke on the left side to go with everything else) where you can’t get out and sit on a tractor would be horrible.  If he pulls through we will still be there–friendships don’t change because the physical body changes.


Anyway, we move forward toward Christmas all the kids are coming home—YIPPEE! At least for Christmas day I will have all four of our children and their mates [here] and our three grandchildren and maybe –just maybe—our step-granddaughter!

I hope this post finds each one of you in a good place in life and the joy of the Christmas Season filling your lives with goodness!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,



20 thoughts on “Update—Tuesday, December 23, 2014

  1. I am so sorry for your friend, and for the decision his family has to make. Again, hard anytime, particularly painful now. And in light of the perspective which these realities give us all, I am particularly joyful that you will spend precious time with your family and grandchildren. Every day precious. Every day a gift.


  2. So sad about your friend… Prayers for the family and those big decisions. It’s hard any time of year –but during Christmas, it is HARDER. God Bless them… Hope you and Terry have a blessed Christmas.


  3. What a sad time for Rick’s family. I’m sure his spirit will rest easy, though, knowing how much he is cared for and loved. I can’t wait to hear about your Christmas!


  4. I so agree with The Daily Cure!! Life certainly has it’s difficulties and doesn’t take into consideration whether it is a holiday or not. We are also just waiting to hear about a dear friend and fellow church member as she is not expected to live much longer. It is hard for families.

    Yay for Sarah being back with her human!! I’m sure she did like Boomer’s company for awhile. So happy all of your family will join you for Christmas Day!!! My DD and family and her in-laws will be here on the farm that day, too. Happy to be able to be all together!



  5. so sorry to hear about your friend and about the decisions his family have to make. have been there 2 times, once this time of year. prayers are with them.
    i’m glad that little sarah got to spend time with you and boomer (you are a good man, boom!)
    and that she is now at home.
    take lots of photos with your visiting family and have a wonderful time!
    special note for boomer; fuzzy is keeping an eye on you, you know, and i’m sure that he is also looking for the perfect lost dog to come with you. you will be able to pass fuzzy wisedome on. and your own wisedom. we are thinking of you especially this christmas. the gus.


  6. Ugh! What a terrible decision to have to make. It was like that with my dad. Terrible.
    I like what the daily cure has to say. I totally agree with that.
    Enjoy your family on this most blessed holiday.


  7. So sorry for all this sad news. When I read that Sarah came to visit I was thinking just what you said…that special right dog, but alas it was not to be. Hope things go as well as possible for your friend. Take care.


  8. I cannot imagine life in a wheelchair and not being able to do what I want to do. I hope he had some kind of health care directive on file. Good thing that Sarah’s human came home…I am certain she is a bit mad at him:)


  9. That is the hardest thing for a family. I am sure your support and warmth are welcomed by Rick’s sisters; that helps at a very hard time (and so especially sad this time of year). Enjoy your family and think of the happy stuff only for that one day! Merry Christmas.


  10. God’s Blessings to you and yours this Christmas Linda. So sorry about your neighbor and friend Rick. Sending up prayers for him.
    Thank you for your great blog.


  11. Sarah? who is she? Not a very nice time for Rick’s family and my heart feels for them but as we all know….when The Lord calls..we must go. No good saying ‘just a minute’…and what a better place to go.

    Even with such sad news I do hope that your Christmas will bring you Joy and Peace


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