Entranced—-Sunday, December 23, 2018

I am always entranced by the moon

There is such an excitement where the full moon is concerned

The playfulness of the clouds as they shadow the glow

Sometimes I like to just sit on the outdoor swing

Watching the clouds play softly with the moon.

From my world to your heart,



The Lights (Gifts) of Friends—Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Every day and in every way we are given gifts from friends and strangers.

Some timesI receive a comment left on my blog or on my FaceBook Page or a personal email; other times a fun little package arrives in the mail bringing heart felt joy to my walk down the long lane to and from the mail box.

Other times is a simple sharing of someone else’s celebration of happiness…you know those quick little drive-by moments when your soul responds to a strangers boundless joy.  A tiny spark attaching itself to you, making the rest of your day warm and lovely.

Karen Bringol's photo

(Karen Bringol’s photo she posted to my Facebook)

Yesterday my blog comments, my FaceBook post and my email were full of wishes..Thank you so much! You do warm my soul!

Wall-HangingThen Jan from the Poodle and Dog Blog brightened my walk back home from the mail box with a beautiful handmade wall hanging.  My steps were light enough to carry me over the mud in pixie dust fashion.

Lights-2That evening Terry and I took a short drive around our small town of 9,000 people looking at the Christmas lights

Lights-1Cheerful gifts from strangers, for anyone who wished to enjoy!

Frosted-Cherries-2I am done with all my baking, cooking, planning, and gift wrapping.  Today I clean.

Thank you, my friends, each one of you are a gift!

Your friend,




Update—Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sarah’s human came and got her yesterday morning.  She was very happy to see him, but didn’t want to leave here.  Rather broke my heart.  I’m sure she is having a terrible time of being flung here and there and everywhere.  At least now she is with her human, which takes a load off my mind.


We went down to Saint Mary’s Hospital yesterday to see Rick in ICU.   The prognosis is sad.  When we left yesterday the two sisters were going to have to make the hard decision–the one that is only done in human kindness.  Once that process is over everyone waits.  I’m sure we will hear something sometime this morning where things are.  Personally I think life in a wheel chair (he has (now) had a massive stoke on the left side to go with everything else) where you can’t get out and sit on a tractor would be horrible.  If he pulls through we will still be there–friendships don’t change because the physical body changes.


Anyway, we move forward toward Christmas all the kids are coming home—YIPPEE! At least for Christmas day I will have all four of our children and their mates [here] and our three grandchildren and maybe –just maybe—our step-granddaughter!

I hope this post finds each one of you in a good place in life and the joy of the Christmas Season filling your lives with goodness!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,



Monday, December 23, 2013

We are entering the last of the count down to Christmas now…today I will clean the house and make my deserts.  There will be twelve of us for Christmas Eve Dinner, and ten for Christmas day buffet. The cooking is shared by all, which really helps, as you know.

The sunset last night was just outstanding

Red-skyI love watching the sky.  The sky is full of music and the music is made up of colors.  When out walking I can sometimes feel the energy of the land and the sky and beings that make up the ‘outdoors’.  It lifts my soul up until I feel like I have become one with them.  Like listening to a really good symphony…if you are calm and allow the music to surround you then you can pick out certain things that are a part of the whole…the the piccolo, or the single note or a base.

Yellow-Moon When my brother and I were growing up we had the great pleasure of living at the end of the cherry orchard.  In the evenings of summer, we would walk, with our Mother, down through the cherry orchard, then the apple orchard to our Grandparents house. (Our Dad would come home late from work and join us.)

They lived in a beautiful old rock house that had a wide front porch facing the east.  As the evening darkened and night softly surrounded us my brother and I would lay on the cement walls connecting the columns of the porch to the house.

It was here that we would play and listen to our family talk about the day. Sometimes Uncle Henry would be there, sometimes Uncle Herbert, or all the relatives from Texas, even Uncle Jay.

Now when Uncle Jay came so did his golden fiddle—as the magic of  the Little Brown Church in the Dell, or Red Wing or the Yellow Rose of Texas (to name a few) fill the air, I was lifted to another place and time where the music and I became one.

It is that same feeling I get, now, as I walk upon the land and watch the sky, the land on the farm and the plants and animals –as silly as it sounds…I feel like I and nature are one!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Your friend,