Sarah–Monday, December 22, 2014

Friday, we got a call for help from one of Terry’s friends.  Rick is a middle-aged bachelor who lives a mile and half from us and was sick —- with what he thought was the flu.

To make a long story short we got him to the hospital where they operated and started treatment, he was doing much better when he developed pneumonia and then had a massive stroke. It’s been a rather long weekend of worry and concern here.

At the time of this writing he is in Grand Junction at Saint Mary’s Hospital surrounded by his two sisters.


I have Sarah.  Sarah hates the camera so I haven’t been able to get a very good photo of her.  Sarah is very stressed out, but adjusting to our way of life.

CompanyBoomer has had a great time running and playing with Sarah. The only thing Boomer doesn’t like is if Sarah gets too close to me…then he turns into a Jealous Jelly Bean of a dog.  Meaning he WILL TAKE ON SARAH…which is NOT GOOD!

Sarah is a man’s dog, this has helped.  She has enjoyed going and doing things with Terry and will always, always, go to him and give him the first welcoming kiss or her front paw.

But Sarah isn’t ours.

Rick was keeping Sarah for a friend who was out-of-town.  Ken is back home now and will be coming out around 10:00 a.m. to take Sarah home.

It’s been rather fun for Boomer to have running and sniffing companion and someone to share walks with…it hasn’t been fun for the cats since Sarah LOVE TO CHASE CATS!


My heart goes out to Rick and his family.  I am pleased that Sarah will have her human back, although she adored Rick, even slept on the bed with him.  I’m glad Boomer had a dog friend for awhile.  I have this belief that the perfect dog, which Boomer likes and fits into our family complete with cats will show up.

Oh a brighter note I Thank Each and Everyone of you for your thoughts and well wishes on our Anniversary yesterday.  You gave us a very bright spot in this rather gloomy time!

Your friend,






21 thoughts on “Sarah–Monday, December 22, 2014

  1. I hope Rick soon recovers and will be back home. It’s nice that you could take Sarah for a couple of days, although I was sorry to hear about Boomer’s jealousy. Hopefully you can find the perfect companion for him (and for you) in the new year.


  2. So sorry about your friend. Glad he has some sisters there at the hospital to be with him. Sounds like it will be a long road for him. Glad he called you all to help get him to the hospital… Bless his heart. Prayers for him.

    Glad Sarah is back with her rightful owner now –but I WONDER how long it will be ’til that special new doggie will show up at your home for good!!!!????

    Merry Christmas.


  3. You sure had a weekend full of drama and excitement. Thank goodness you were there for Rick. Best wishes for his speedy recovery. It’s sad that even the happy anticipation of the holidays can’t stop bad things from happening.


  4. Love border collies! If I lived where there was a place for one to run and play I would think seriously about having one for a companion. Good on you for helping out your neighbor. Sure hope things get better for him soon. Happy Anniversary and Merry Christmas!


  5. I am so sorry about your friend Rick and I hope there is good news soon. you are such a good neighbor and friend to both people and animals!! Sarah sounds like a bit of a handful, but she was definitely in a stressful situation, so who could blame her.


  6. I didn’t call in to wish you a Happy Anniversary yesterday, so here is a belated one today.
    Before you know where you are it will be 50! I hope that Rick recovers too – good that he has caring neighbours like you.


  7. Oh my. I sure hope Rick recovers fully. Or at least can make it home.
    Glad you were there to care for Sarah. Probably pretty traumatic off her to! As you know, border collies can be very possessive. And beagles too! Ha! 🙂
    Please give our best wishes to Rick and his family. I know how they are feeling. My dad had a massive stroke. He was able to come home and be happy.


  8. What a good friend and neighbor you are…in Colorado and on the internet. Our best wishes to Rick and to Sarah. She sounds delightful, but I know she misses her human.


  9. Goodness! Things sure have been keeping you on your toes, huh? Sending prayers for your friend Rick. So glad that you were able to help with Sarah and that she and Boomer basically got along. I really do think that there is a perfect dog for Boomer, the cats and you.


  10. So sorry to hear about your fried. Hope and pray he will heal and recover.

    I guess Boomer was afraid for you…

    *hugs* and God bless. Merry Christmas! ♥


  11. I feel so bad for families when these things happen at all, and especially bad when they happen at Christmas. And that poor dear Sarah who’s been passed around a bit. Of course she’s anxious! Poor dear.


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