Housebound—Monday, January 5, 2015

Feeling a tad housebound Terry decided that a short walk to hook-up the fence down by the head gate (for the next farm) would fix the problem.

Fing-Fence-1 Starting at the electric fencer each strand of wire was checked and re-hooked–working around our farm yard;  gradually making it to the gate at the end of the pinto bean field.  This is also the head gate (for irrigation water) to the next farm.

Fixing-Fence-1Sunday we try to only do those things that MUST be done.  But, sometimes the air inside starts to feel closed in an way too warm.

BinStill feeling like we just DID NOT want to go back inside Terry and I finished up the cleaning of the grain bin. We swept up two buckets of corn, cleaned out the tubes and hooked up all the doors and vents.  (Boomer wanted very much to help…but doggie toes on the mesh floor was NOT a good idea.)   Then we took the two buckets of corn and flung it out into the ditch to feed the quail and pheasants—the mice and song birds—and yes, any deer that might trot along looking for a nice winter treat.

Sun-1When we finished our slight chores I noticed that the sun was setting; breaking through the clouds in a tiny rim along the Uncompahgre Plateau. What a joy to see even that tiny bit of sunshine.

Morning-SunThis morning the sun rose causing the thin clouds to turn a brilliant red…another joy for a winter’s day.  This color is rare, rare, rare in the pale frozen time of winter!  I sang a song of happiness when I saw it!

Now, as I sit upstairs in my little office, looking outside I see the thin clouds have become thicker and typical white/blue colors that mark each day have arrived. Today Terry and I will continue to work on the fences and do all those every-day things we each must do.

I am also sending to each and every one of you warm thoughts for a perfect Monday, filled with pleasures and happiness!

Your friend,





17 thoughts on “Housebound—Monday, January 5, 2015

  1. We have seen a little of terry in your shots lately, I like it. Sharing your old grain with the pheasants is kind, they do that around here too, filling up containers and throwing it in designated feeding spots (so the birds know where it is) every few days, the birds do appreciate it, esp the pheasants.. c


  2. Thank you for sharing these awesome pictures, Linda, and for the happy Monday wishes. I had a good day, went for a pedicure this afternoon. My family are still staying with us which is lovely. It was quite hot today but too windy to go to the beach so we mostly had a lazy day at home with an early evening barbecue (called a braai in South Africa).


  3. Boomer looks so cute giving you the pleading look through the window. He’s sure you need his help!
    Good getting all those jobs done. Impromptu jobs are often more satisfying aren’t they.
    I loved that little sliver of red when the sun was setting… and then the glorious explosion of red in the morning – wow! 🙂
    A lovely post and I’ve just now emailed you the recipe for our daughter’s Black Forest Trifle… enjoy!


  4. That is a beautiful sunrise! I know how it feels to fell like you are housebound! I am glad that we don’t have too much to do outside this time of year. I have never been one for the cold weather. We are supposed to get some negative degrees with wind chills. First time this year to get below the 20’s. Take care and stay warm!


  5. Does farm work ever rest? I went outside in the cold/wind the other day because the sun was shining. Manure never goes away, it only piles up and must be cleaned up no matter what. 🙂


  6. Love that header with “the running of the sheep.” Leaves the highway slick and green. Hope your winter isn’t too deep. Looks like the Alberta Clipper missed both of us.


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