Water a Moving Force–Wednesday, January 21, 2015

We started work on the artery ditch that moves the water from the headgate onto our farm. This is our main transfer ditch—the only reason we have to work on this ditch is the headgate to our place is located a few feet onto our neighbor’s farm.  The field is where Mr. Sinner keeps his bulls during the off season of farming.

Now bulls- being curious sorts, love to mess in stuff.  Cows will do it also, but a field of bulls will get bored fast…nothing much to do you see.  Once they find something odd, interesting, unusual, different, they will paw at it until they make a huge mess.

We are putting a top on the last part of the ditch…the ditch is cement, but it makes a curve.  We don’t want to put this short ditch into a pipe, because we have to keep trash out and this ‘the taking out of the trash’ spot.   It will be flush with the ground and blend in…those very wiley bulls will just pass it by on the look for something else to discover.

HeadgateThe headgate to our place is huge and imposing anytime of the year, but in the winter a person can get a good idea of how really big it is, and how much the water is eroding away the sides of the canal.

Headgate-damageThat is the take off from the head gate called the artery ditch take out, it’s wood, until it hits the fence line then we made it cement.  See the damage the water is doing around the box of the headgate.

We should finish up the top today.  One project done before spring work starts!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,




14 thoughts on “Water a Moving Force–Wednesday, January 21, 2015

  1. Hey, Linda, what is SPRING ? When the humidity is high its really cold sunshine or not. Had freezing fog last night. As they say “make hay when the sun shines” or don’t put off what you can do today. My Dad used to say these things and that is where I got my work ethic ingrained.


  2. Yep, boys will be boys!!! Nothing like having to fool them to keep them out of trouble and make more work for you.

    We are supposed to be getting a front from up your way that will lead to rain and snow for our area this evening. 5-6 inches possible for me…whoo hoo!! Love the winter time moisture to replenish our subsoil before Spring.



  3. Its expensive but a few big loads of Heavy Stone [Riprap] along the sides of the ditch could slow down the water errosion. It helps the good soil from washing down the ditch..[http://www.martinlimestone.com/default.aspx?portalid=9040&tabid=197&pageid=LimeRipRap]


  4. Ditch work! It seems odd to be thinking of spring work now, but you start earlier than we do. I will have some head gate repair to do if I’m going to irrigate this year. But It has to wait till the ground is thawed out.


  5. That’s some piece of construction. In Australia, I’ve seen eroded waterways flanked with gabion baskets to moderate scour and reinforce whilst still allowing water to pass through. That solution’s a bit heavy duty for the scope of problem you have there, but I’m wondering if it could be done on a smaller scale…


  6. Hi Linda, No rest for the weary, huh???? Our yard work is NOTHING like your work on the farm –but at least, in winter, we do have some time off. SO–I guess that this knee thing happened at a good time….

    Glad you got this project finished…


  7. Oh those pesky bulls!
    Jake says bulls need to be kept in a 10 foot high cement wall! Haha!
    We had a little angus bull at the barn. He was outside but got into the hoses hanging on the fence., lol! It was all wrapped around him!
    Oh the fun with bovine! 🙂


  8. I’ve never understood exactly how irrigation works until your explanations. It is a lot more complex and needs more attention than I thought. Thanks for explaining so clearly how it all works.


  9. we live in the same world but we are worlds apart in some things. Your life on the farm sounds idyllic until you get around to mentioning all the work that has to be done, year after year. Take water for instance…you have to channel the water onto your farm in ditches, but also keep the ditches clean and unobstructed,,,whilst here in Bulgaria (at least in our village) we turn on the tap and water flows…we do not think about where it comes from…its just there! Even when it is turned off for some reason , there is always enough to make tea or do cooking so we have never really been waterless… I really do admire all the hard graft that you and Terry put into your lives everyday and although in comparison, my life is easy, it is an experience to know and to learn how other people have to cope in their lives


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