Good Fences and Gates—Thursday, January 22, 2015

Teresa hosts a Good Fences and Gates every Thursday, which is always lots of fun. Her post today has a beautiful Texas sized Gate complete with stunning art work.

GateWhen we were up working on the artery ditch (that takes off from the headgate) I thought I would show you a very functional/typical gate here on our farm—- and most of the farms around us who have cattle.  Looks just like the fence.

OPenYou have to slip a wire off the top pole to open the gate, then lay the gate down flat (or it will get in a huge tangle); then you can drive through.

It isn’t pretty, folks!  But it does do the job!

For more gates and fences head over to Teresa site and check out they ones people have entered.  Better yet–take some photos of your own and link your site to hers!  All in good fun!

Your farm friend,





26 thoughts on “Good Fences and Gates—Thursday, January 22, 2015

  1. This made both the farmer and me smile Linda. Many years ago now we went on a holiday walking through the cork oak forests of portugal. This meant often walking also through very large ranch-type farms breeding cattle. I don’t think any two gates were the same and after a day or two the group appointed the farmer as the ‘gate man’ as he was always the quickest to work out how to open whatever method was used to form the barrier. As usual your photographs are so interesting.

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  2. Don’t know how many of those fence gaps I opened and closed as a kid riding with my grandfather and uncle. We were supposed to be hunting. But I think I was along just to open the gaps, I never got to hunt much of anything it seems. They fooled me every time but I loved spending time with them.

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