February Ends with a Bang–Tuesday, February 24, 2015


The weatherman says these snow storms are going to stay in here for a good solid week.Snow-2 With snow levels increasing to 18″ or more in some places.  We have 8″ right now.Snow-3The nice thing about this late snow is it won’t last…the warmth will return and the winds from the west will arrive.  Until then we hunker down.

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25 thoughts on “February Ends with a Bang–Tuesday, February 24, 2015

  1. Yea, Snow 🙂 Last night, when it quit, we had 8-10″ of heavy, wet stuff. That means water-okay with me! Thank goodness for plows! It’s stayed above zero. How about you guys? Glad you rec’d some too! Stay warm and kick those feet up to relax.


  2. It took me days to dig out of our latest snow storm! While it is beautiful, the snow cabin fever can get a bit overwhelming. However, the Newfs love chilling in the snow … in below 0 wind chills, like they are just hangin’ out at a sunny beach or something!


  3. your snow looks a lot worse than we had in Bulgaria. Actually this year has been very mild, snow ..yes, but then it goes away…then comes back, then goes. Now it is really quite like Spring, the sun is shining even though the sky is not blue…its good weather for working in the garden


  4. Hope those new calves are going to be okay. Bad time to be calving! Luckily most of our ranchers calve early and they lucked out this year with our early Feb weather. We got a tad of snow last night and a bit more to come today but not much. You got great moisture in this snow though for that soil your crops will go into!


  5. I don’t even live where we have snow, but gosh I’m tired of winter. Damp, drizzley days at 35-40*. It’s getting old. I feel so badly for folks that have REAL winter this year. 😦


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