Winter Returned—Monday, February 23, 2015

SnowIt started snowing hard yesterday afternoon flinging the snow into the night and on to the morning, where it is still snowing today.  Big soft wet flakes of pristine whiteness.

Of course there are more babies out there…we counted three, just hours old, but up and following the Mom.  That is in the bunch close to the house.  The older calf is somewhere else, I haven’t seen it this morning.

Winter has returned here.  Storm warnings are until tomorrow with 18″ on Cerro Summit.  Water should be good this year. 🙂

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,


30 thoughts on “Winter Returned—Monday, February 23, 2015

  1. Yay, for the snow and moisture it brings to you!! Baby calves are ALWAYS born in inclement weather!! We had to bring more than one baby calf into the house to put in front of the furnace register to warm up when I was growing up. March in Iowa was always a wet, cold, muddy time when the cows calved!

    It is icy and lightly snowing here this morning. Temp was 9*! Ah, winter in NW Texas!!


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  2. Sounds like a nice wet snow. Hope the babies are okay in it! We haven’t had much snow for a long time. It has been all south of here. They say the snow pack in the Snowy Mountains and Crazy mountains and Belts is better than average. That will help us a lot this summer. But we still need moisture on the ground here.
    Stay warm and dry!


  3. Wondered if you’d get hit by that one. It all went south of our part of the world. We would have welcomed some more snow. It’s been so warm here the crocus are blooming!


  4. Here I was almost looking forward to your spring on your behalf and then I realised that you may actually welcome the snow to increase your water resources. Suddenly it hit home – how wonderfully nature balances itself and how scary the reality of the effects of global warming.


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