My Little Project—Sunday, March 29, 2015

JobFinally my little project is done!  After we took out the two unused chimney’s in the other house I had piles and piles of bricks. (All made by the Brick Factory in Delta eons ago. :))

Not only did I have piles and piles of bricks, I had piles and piles of bricks complete with cement still stuck to them.  AND they were piled in front of the propane tank, which meant I really had to do something with them quickly.

BricksSo gradually every day, I would chip off cement– load the bricks into the  wheelbarrow, and push them to their new spot in my yard.

It was a long slog, but I made it.

More-PWI now have brick walkways between my flower beds which reside along side of the entrance of our farm…all laided out on weed barrier and sand.  My hope is this will keep the weeds down and my need to have to chop weeds between the beds GONE FOREVER!

Pathway-1It looks pretty rough right now, but over time I think everything will soften up.  The plants will green up and fill in and cover over some of the bricks, making the lines not so harsh. Then the bricks themselves will settle.  The wind will bring in dirt and fill in the cracks.

That’s my hope anyway!

The Craig, Colorado, kids are here.  They came in yesterday.  It was pure joy to look across the fields and see a light on in that house.

Two of the grandchildren spent the night with us, Blade and Tally…the oldest and the youngest.  Which reminds me Bladen has a blog now…it’s a cooking blog.  This grandson of ours loves to cook—pretty interesting for a 13 year old boy, I think.  He is also very active in sports: football, basketball, and track, plus top of his class in academics. Gosh did this sound like bragging…I guess a tad.  Please forgive me.

Pink-SKy-!We are warming up.  Today it’s supposed to hit 80* (26 c)  YAY!

Anyway, I hope each of you have a great day!

Your friend,





25 thoughts on “My Little Project—Sunday, March 29, 2015

  1. I can’t imagine how much work your brick walk was but it will all be worth while not to have to pull up weeds. I love to see teenage boys cook, What a talented young man.

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  2. That was lots of work! We have a paver patio, we put down about five inches of sand and leveled and packed it down before we put the pavers down. It is holding up well, but needs to be cleaned really good this year. Moss is growing in the cracks. Have a fun week:)

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  3. Neat bricks! I love that they are all stamped. What a wonderful piece of local history. I hope the weeds don’t find their way between the cracks before the wind-blown fill-dirt does.

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  4. The walkway is beautiful and useful. What a great idea ! I hate weeds too ! And its okay to brag on the grandchildren. They are special and only young for a little while. Glad you enjoy them and that they love you too ! Have a great week….cooking and playing.

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  5. You could brush more sand over the pathways to fill the cracks a little, it would speed up the process. But of course, it works just fine now, and that would be more work for you. I think you’re quite busy enough!

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  6. You did a great job with those bricks. Ours mostly crumbled when we tried to clean them.
    So glad you got to have family over. I’ll check out your grandson’s blog! Have a blessed week and thank you for all you do!

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  7. I love those bricks and the way you have repurposed them 🙂 Do you and Terry have some left over plaster sand from your recent renovations? If so, brush it dry over the bricks, filling in the cracks, once filled, water lightly once. Should some tough weeds reappear wait for a warm sunny day, then sprinkle leaves with vinegar and watch them die 🙂 Brag away, as long and loud as you like about your grandchildren always. Laura

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  8. Its a Grandparents priviledge to boast about their grandchildren’s achievemnets…well done. It is great to see that you do not belong to our throw-a-away society and that your lovely bricks have found a new purpose in their life…looks great……but and there is always a but…weeds do grow in between the bricks, not straight away but in time…but in this instance on bricks you could use weed killer…..Have a great day Linda

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  9. What a great recycle and if you put some fine sand on top and brush it in it will help keep them in place. I adore the bricks that are stamped – you don’t see those very often.


  10. Moving and getting all those bricks in place had to be a lot of work. They look great! How can we not be excited to watch our grandchildren develop interests and skills? If we don’t affirm them, who will?


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