CANAL is FULL!–Thursday, April 2, 2015

Yesterday was a very busy day and full of lots of new things.


First rattle out of the box I saw a sundog or sunshine on ice crystals in the sky.  Sundogs mean cold weather is coming…and SOON!

Today is cold.  It’s supposed to get colder, then by Sunday (Easter Day) we will start another slow warm-up.

Trash-MovingAround noon the Uncompahgre Valley Water Users worker bees showed up (Ditch Riders), which meant the canal was filling up with water.  The above photo show us the HUGE amount of trash which collects in the canals over winter.

TrashAbove this tree is our ditch rider, in a backhoe, trying to take out as much of the trash as he can so the bridge will carry the water.

You can see by this photo that the trash is thinning down.

Clear-sort-ofThere clean…sorta!


Then I saw this on a blog friend’s site and thought it was cool.  I also thought all you would find it interesting  (if you don’t already know).

Sota makes a person wonder if a big change really is about to happen, doesn’t it?

We are supposed to have high winds this afternoon (to blow in the cold front) and then again on Saturday and possibly Sunday to blow out this cold front.

Off now to keep working on my yard…what a huge mess it is this year.  I hope each and everyone of you have a really nice day!

Your friend,




16 thoughts on “CANAL is FULL!–Thursday, April 2, 2015

  1. It’s good to see the canal full of water, although that means your busy season has arrived. We’re supposed to have overcast skies Saturday, so I don’t know if we’ll be able to see the blood moon.

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  2. Wow, look at that canal. I’ve been thinking about water a lot this morning after hearing we (in CA) are supposed to cut our usage by 25%. That’s going to be very hard for us since we’d already been trying to use the bare minimum. Ugh!

    Anyway, very cool about the blood moon. Didn’t know about that. Hope the change it brings is all good!

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  3. Glad to hear that you all will have WATER and that your canals are all CLEAN…. Big task done!!!!!!! How is your water supply this year? Hope it is better than last year…. The west is still in a terrible drought.

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  4. Great to know that the water has arrived, pity about all the mess in the canals but that
    is rural life, eh?
    I knew about this Blood Red Moon business and have seen it a few times but never
    knew of the omen part.
    Maybe we here in SE QLD ( especially Brisbane) have had a Red Moon but unseen due to the constant lingering cloud cover and thus all this constant rain. Starting to seem like
    that biblical business – 40 days and 40 nights. There is fortunately no winds or hail with it –
    it is the straight down rain stuff, but it is becoming very tiresome and certainly has put
    the Easter holidayers plans in chaos.
    One good thing about all this rain – it has shut up Beethoven’s bloody squawking early morning choralists! ha ha. I refer of course to my nemesis – CROWS!

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  5. Our irrigation ditch gets full of tumble weeds and grass. It’s a pain to clean out of the pipes. But if we want water on the meadows, that’s what ya do.
    It’s been windy here! Knock you down wind. Our internet was down for 4 days from the wind, thunder and lightning! Crazy.
    I hope it’s clear here to see the eclipse. Right before sunrise here.

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  6. So glad to see your water is flowing Linda! Must be a sure sign of spring! Don’t like hearing about those blood moons. I just finished reading “The Harbinger”….yikes….was that ever interesting! Hope your family has a wonderful Easter! We might get up to 55 degrees on Easter if we’re lucky! :o)


  7. If you want cold wind…Please. please take ours…For about three days now the wind has blown like a force 10 gale….I can only assume that it is the Bulgarian Baba Marta ( Grandmother March) blowing herself to smitherines….it is cold, miserable, windy….At times like these only stupid people would want to go and live in Bulgaria


  8. even tho’ this is supposed to be a somewhat dry (don’t say the other “d” werd!) year, what with spring in february and all, our canals have been running about two weeks ahead of schedule! our pond is almost filled up! (and big surprise: i got our irrigation system up and running today! (fingerz crossulated)


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