A Wee Visit in the Middle —Monday, April 6, 2015

Roger, Charlott, TerryA phone call announced that Terry’s brother and Charlotte were in Telluride, Colorado, and would be coming our way by two or so in the afternoon.  They were traveling from Gilbert, Arizona, back to Birmingham, Alabama taking the scenic route.  🙂

They were here a very short time, but we did enjoy them very much.

Today our lives settle back into our regular routines.  I don’t know about you, but I do so enjoy routines.  I always feel like I get a lot done if I have a system.  Otherwise I feel scattered and pulled.

Terry is making ditches and marking out the alfalfa field.  It was fertilized this morning in the pre-dawn, BEFORE the wind starts blowing this afternoon.  We will start the water in that field either this evening or first thing tomorrow morning.

This afternoon I will be working down at the other house in the yard and up here in my yard.  Sure seems to be lots to do this time of year. (But you know something, I’m loving every minute of it! 🙂 )

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,





29 thoughts on “A Wee Visit in the Middle —Monday, April 6, 2015

  1. A visit with family is always wonderful, even if it is a short visit. I’m also always happy to get back into a routine after a vacation or family visit. I know the two of you are now extremely busy, but I’m glad to hear that you enjoy your yard work.

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  2. We have been working in our yard but it is going very slow. My husband can work about half an hour before he gives out. I mow about three fourths an acre with a push mower, it takes Me most of the day, I am seventy and getting slower each year. My husband cannot mow at all. One lung sure puts a damper on what he can do.

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  3. Looks like Terry despite all that farming hard work has found “The Fountain of Youth”.
    Must be something to do with your culinary expertise???
    Hard Yakka and fresh open spaces away from pollution also is a bonus, eh?
    Sure is warming up in your “neck of the woods”. Should put a pretty large grin on your
    face as I know you are not a lover of winter.
    The rain here has SUPPOSEDLY gone???? But it sure from the sky doesn’t look so.
    Pity that weather forecasters sit in “bunkers” and forget to look out windows!

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  4. yes I prefer order to chaos…then nothing gets missed
    You are certainly enjoying your very busy life…just said goodbye to the kids from Craig Colorado and now you have more visitors…they know where to coe to get a lovely warm welcome even during the course of a busy day

    lots of love P

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  5. My sentiments exactly Linda. I have had friends staying over Easter and really enjoyed it, but how delightful it is to be ‘back to normal’ today. My farmer is busy fertilising the land – the first day when the land has been dry enough and he is eager to get the job finished as the grass is growing so quickly.

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    • We so understand your farmer. We are desperate to get the ground fertilized but the wind is way too high…and it will be until Thursday. 35 m.p.h. gusts. Just way too much wind! We will have wind until all the snow is gone off the mountains then the air will settle down.


  6. Hi Linda, I’m sure it was nice to see Terry’s brother and wife even for a short time. Sometimes those short visits are the BEST.

    Have a great day and don’t work too hard… Like you, I NEED a schedule/list….


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