Peacefulness—Sunday, June 7, 2015

Orange-2Gradually my yard is evolving into the warmer colors

More-Pink-1Yellow, pink, orange

Purple-1With a dash of a brighter purple thrown in here and there.

What I really want to share with you is this darling little bird

Up-in-a-tree-topI happened to be looking out the upstairs window at a Hummingbird (he/she was sitting on a branch peering into the window) when I saw hidden deep within the tree this precious site.

She is still there this morning, calm and peaceful…waiting and keeping warm those little eggs. I guess you know I’m going to be very discreet; keeping my eye on her. 🙂




20 thoughts on “Peacefulness—Sunday, June 7, 2015

  1. Oh how sweet that little one is!! I just came in from the lakeside of Willow House where ducks, pigeons, blackbirds and otehr critters were waiting for their daily bread!! THe tiny wild canaries are in the trees here of lade, with late and wet weather here, one cannot hardly call spring. The gardens across are bravely greens and green golds, with a few tulips and lilacs now finally at theri blooming end. I love how you explain the warm colors coming, and, well, I am wating for that as yet…ho ho ho. Meanwhile your peaceful scene brings hope, and comfort to a weary NE Minnesotan…waiting to move to the warmer southern part of the state this fall. Trading spaces is ok..letting go is good for the Soul as it shakes us into true reality which is the Spirit of that little birdie in your yard. Many blessings and hi to Boomer, from many secret admirers up here. who think he is the most handsome Beagle ever!!—Merri

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  2. So lovely! I love poppies–those cheerful papery blossoms. Your yard is creating itself—not always as planned but such beauty and Grace from patience and gentleness rather than forced plans of another.

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  3. Your gardening efforts have done you proud.
    Presently here a couple of kookaburras have taken over
    from Beethoven’s mob – the “Kookas” have really outdone
    the bloody crows.
    Long may the “kookas” reign, eh?
    Good luck with your hummingbird chicks, here they wouldn’t have
    an icicle’s hope in hell of surviving from you know what!!!
    You are so very lucky to have all those small native birds to

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  4. your garden is looking very colourful and shows much care and hard work…love the little bird..Hummingbirds are so tiny that I wonder how small the chicks will be….

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